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Client Acquitted of Parole Violation & Freed from Incarceration


  • Parole Violation (Possession of Firearm)


D.H., previously incarcerated for Aggravated Robbery, found himself facing a parole violation charge for allegedly possessing a firearm while under supervision. The incident occurred during a vehicle stop on March 13, 2014, where police discovered a loaded firearm. Given D.H.’s parole conditions prohibiting contact with firearms, he was promptly arrested and detained at the Correction Reception Center in Orient, Ohio, pending a hearing. The potential sanction for the violation was up to 270 days of further incarceration.


Seeking to defend his freedom, D.H. retained Attorney Antony Abboud to represent him at the parole violation hearing on April 8, 2014. Attorney Abboud argued that D.H. lacked knowledge of the firearm’s presence in the vehicle, thus disputing the alleged violation. Through compelling advocacy, Attorney Abboud persuaded the hearing officer of D.H.’s innocence, resulting in a not-guilty verdict and his subsequent release from prison.

Available 24/7 & Obligation-Free