bench warrents ohio

Have you been issued a bench warrant at some point in your life?

If so, it is essentially vital that you consult with a bench warrant lawyer in Dayton, OH to learn your rights in this case matter.

A bench warrant is issued to an individual after a said person does not show up for court.

If you have been issued a bench warrant in Ohio, contact the Ohio criminal defense lawyers at Gounaris Abboud, LPA today.

What is a Bench Warrant in Ohio?

The issuers do not take into account the reason for the missed court date, and you are capable of being taken to jail at any time.

You could be out to dinner with your family, walking your child to school, or at a sporting event when the law enforcement officials find you and take you to jail.

It could have been years, decades even since you were issued the warrant, and you may have forgotten about it.

Dealing with individuals who have bench warrants with their names on them on a daily basis, we understand that your life has moved on after your failure to appear in court.

You may have graduated college, started a career or a family and you simply cannot afford to face the consequences these days.

You need to team up with an experienced defense lawyer in Dayton.

At Gounaris Abboud, LPA, we work diligently to protect the rights of individuals trying to escape their bench warrants, and we may be able to act quickly and try to avoid some repercussions of a bench warrant under Ohio law for you as well.

Consult with a Dayton Criminal Defense Lawyer for Bench Warrants

The legal team at our firm has dedicated their professional careers to helping individuals such as you to find relief in such a stressful and unknown situation.

Whether you have neglected to pay a traffic ticket, forgot to appear in court at your set time, or you were unaware that your court date was switched, a criminal defense attorney for bench warrants at our Dayton office can help you!

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