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A child’s relationship with his or her father is a vital and significant one. Regrettably, some fathers are alienated from their children due to their mother’s actions after a divorce or custody battle. If you are a father and concerned that your divorce or separation may impact time spent with your child, call our Dayton family lawyer right away to protect your rights.

Protecting the Rights of Fathers in Dayton

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As a father, you will need to ensure that your future with your children is fully protected. If you need to go to court to assert your rights, call on our Dayton fathers’ rights attorney to help you.

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How Fathers are Treated in the Ohio Court System

Ohio courts are forbidden from favoring one parent over another simply based on gender. Both parents come before the court on equal footing for a custody battle. Judges can grant full custody of children to the father if they deem it to be in the child’s best interests.

An unwed woman who bears a child is automatically given the status of the sole residential parent and legal custodian unless or until a court issues an order designating the other parent. This means the father has no legal rights to visitation until the court recognizes the unmarried father as the father.

A mother who decides to leave you as the father is not entitled to take the children with her and keep them from you. While their behavior may step outside of the law, your best bet is to respond with the proper legal action. You should look to a family court to intervene instead of trying to resolve it on your own. You will need to request a court to provide you with access to your children. That is why you need a seasoned legal advocate on your side.

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