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Violent crimes are punished severely in the State of Ohio.

They consist of crimes where force or threat of force has been used against an individual as a crime itself, or during the committing of another crime, as in robbery.

If one has been arrested for a violent crime it can ruin their life.

In addition to the toll heavy fines and imprisonment will take on a person’s life, you may have difficulty in obtaining employment in the future with violent crime on your record.

If you face these charges, you need the top criminal defense attorney in Dayton to represent you.

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Common Violent Crimes that You Can Be Charges for in Ohio

Sometimes our clients ask us the meaning of violent crimes under Ohio law. We explain that the Ohio Revised Code defines violent crimes broadly. 

The statute lists many of the crimes one would define as violent. However, the statute also includes conspiracy to commit a violent offense as one of the violent crimes.

Some of the violent crimes that one can be prosecuted for include:

These are only a few examples of violent crimes in Ohio. Other violent crimes examples include domestic violence, child endangerment, resisting arrest, abduction, kidnapping, and armed burglary
Offenses such as rape with force, forced sexual penetration, and arson (if there is some element of force or threat of violence involved) also fall under the designation of violent crime.

Possible Penalties for Violent Crimes in Ohio

The penalties for any of these crimes vary widely depending on the circumstances and severity of the situation.

One can expect 6 months in jail for a misdemeanor assault and up to life imprisonment for a murder conviction. Aside from the crimes of simple assault and battery, most violent offenses are felonies.

Incarceration is not the only trouble a person convicted of a violent crime might experience if convicted of a felony. 

A person convicted of a violent crime will likely lose the right to vote, lose the right to possess a firearm lawfully, and suffer adverse immigration consequences. 

Other problems could surface as well. Removing a conviction for a violent crime from a criminal record is extremely difficult. That means anyone who runs a background check will see it. 

Having a conviction for a violent crime might prevent that person from enrolling in an educational program, moving into suitable housing, or finding a good job.

Violent Crimes Defense in Ohio

A person accused of committing a violent crime has several options to defend their case. Each case is as unique as the people involved. 

Therefore, the best defense for every case hinges on a complete investigation and a thorough understanding of the law applicable to the case. We don’t just take the word of the police and prosecution witnesses. 

We use our tremendous resources to dig deep into the matter. Doing this gives our clients the best chance to develop a strong defense. 

An experienced violent crimes lawyer knows how to find the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. They say the devil is in the details, and that’s certainly true when there is so much at stake. The slightest discrepancy in the witnesses’ stories can convince a jury that the defendant is not guilty.

Issues in Violent Crimes Defense

Several issues often arise in violent crime defenses. For instance, the witnesses might not get a good look at the perpetrator. 

That means the state might have a hard time proving who committed the crime. Additionally, an assault case might involve a self-defense claim. 

Having an attorney who knows how to develop these defenses is crucial to beating the charges. 

Violent crimes prosecutions often involve scientific evidence. Sometimes, the evidence can be complex. For example, the police might develop a DNA profile from a mask left behind at the scene of the robbery

The accused might think there’s no defense if the DNA profile matches. This is where extensive experience matters.

There could be an innocent explanation as to why the DNA of the accused matches the DNA on the mask. 

Understanding how DNA works and the ways to poke holes in the analysis is vital to defending people accused of violent crimes.

Jurors tend to get lost in the science. The DNA analyst who testifies will be intelligent and sound like they know exactly what they are doing. 

However, a skilled attorney has ways to show that a jury should evaluate the evidence just like any other piece of evidence.

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