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Vandalia DUI Lawyer

Do you need the best DUI Lawyer in Vandalia? From the moment you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), any police officers present will surely be analyzing each word you use and action you take.

They are trying to identify any bit of evidence that could later be used against you in court if you are deemed intoxicated.

If you do not shield yourself with a Vandalia DUI lawyer, you might be gambling with your driving privileges and freedom of mobility.

Our Vandalia DUI Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Driving Privileges from the Harsh Scrutiny of the Law

Here at Gounaris Abboud, LPA, our Vandalia DUI lawyer understands the consequences you are facing could be weighing on your conscience.

Steep fines, time spent in jail, loss of driver’s license, and massive spikes in your car insurance rates could all await you if convicted.

To ensure that all DUI lawyers can help you avoid the excessive consequences of a DUI in Ohio, we take your case personally as if we were defending ourselves or close friends and family.

People in Vandalia and its Suburbs Trust Our DUI Attorneys to Take Their Case Due to Our Various Achievements

  • 10/10 “Superb” Avvo rating (Attorneys Gounaris and Abboud)
  • More than 50 years of collective experience
  • Both lead attorneys are Ohio Super Lawyers®
  • History of successful case results

The courtroom is not a place to go without proper preparation. We are proud to offer you comprehensive and creative legal solutions at competitive rates. Call (937) 729-3964 today to request a free case evaluation with our DUI Attorneys.

Handling Your DUI Case in Vandalia

With too many people arrested for a DUI, the legal system can seem riddled with unfair biases against the accused. Speaking your voice and telling your side of the story might be next to impossible if you go through the process alone.

Let our knowledgeable and compassionate DUI attorneys stand by your side and ensure that you are treated fairly. Rebalancing the scales in your favor is our calling, reducing or dismissing your charges is our goal.

Let us manage complicated aspects of your case, such as:

Your Freedom Could Be on the Line – Contact Our DUI Attorneys Right Away!

Depending on the unique details of your DUI case in Vandalia, you might have only 30 days – roughly one month – to challenge your charges. Any moment of delay only gives law enforcement more time to start compiling evidence to use against you.

Consider the help of our Vandalia DUI lawyers. With our honest and effective representation, you could dramatically reduce your chances of an unfavorable outcome of your case.

Contact our firm today – your best interests are our best interests.

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