DUI Defense Attorneys in Fairborn, Ohio

Protect Your Right to Freedom and Your Driving Privileges

Gounaris Abboud, LPA can provide you with the hard-hitting, tenacious Fairborn DUI attorneys you need to defend your driver’s license, your wallet, and your freedom after being charged for driving under the influence. You need to act quickly when it comes to retaining legal protection and representation. It is highly likely that you have less than a month to challenge the automatic suspension of your license.

Why should you trust us with a case as critical as a DUI defense charge?

We do not want to cause you to worry about your future but we must stress that retaining a professional Fairborn DUI defense lawyer for your case is highly recommended, even by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Our eyes on your case could be the only difference between receiving a maximized sentence and a dismissal.

All Aspects of Your Case Are Important to Us

Fighting a DUI charge is not about fighting just one accusation or addressing just half of your concerns. When people come to our Fairborn DUI lawyers for help, they are supported through thick and thin and provided with the legal guidance they expected for every step.

Whatever complication may be giving you hesitation, know that we have the experience and abilities necessary to analyze the situation and respond accordingly, whether that means cross-examining the arresting officer or challenging the accuracy of a chemical test.

Portions of DUI law and cases we are familiar with include:

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Contesting your DUI charges is your first step to securing your freedom and driving privileges but unless you take the initiative, your case will default to “guilty”. Do not be intimidated by the law when you can get a powerful team of DUI lawyers in Fairborn on your side.

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