Have you suffered injuries due to an attack by an aggressive dog? Dog bites can result in serious wounds requiring stitches and other medical interventions.

In grave cases, these attacks can lead to mauling which may call for hospitalization and plastic surgeries. In the worst cases, fatalities have occurred in both children and adults savaged by vicious dogs.

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Understanding Ohio’s Dog Bite Law

Under Ohio’s dog bite statute, pet owners are liable for any injuries their dogs inflict upon others. This law applies as a strict liability law; the only exceptions are if you provoked the dog into the attack, you were trespassing on the dog owner’s property, or committing a crime on the dog owner’s premises.

Under this law, you may pursue full compensation for your damages, which can include all of your medical expenses, any lost wages or income due to your injuries, out-of-pocket expenses related to the injuries, and non-economic damages such as those for scarring, pain, suffering, permanent disability or impairment.

Punitive damages, meant to punish the dog owner, cannot be recovered under this statute. Your claim for damages may be filed against the dog owner or whoever was in charge of the dog at the time, such as a dog walker.

This person would be the dog “harborer” or keeper. Anyone who had control of the dog at the time your injuries occurred may be named in your claim.

Why You Need a Dayton Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side

Most often, a dog bite claim will be filed with the dog owner’s homeowner insurance company. Insurance companies are notorious for discounting claims as they are in the business of maintaining their profits.

Getting a fair settlement on an insurance claim generally means fighting for what you are owed. That fight is best conducted with the representation of an experienced and aggressive attorney.

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