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Drunk driving charges can force you to make adjustments in your life because of the freedom restrictions involved.

In addition to criminal sentencing, you can also be penalized with an administrative license suspension.

When it comes to choosing a legal representative to represent your best interests, you will need to ask the right questions before hiring the lawyer.

You should question the prospective attorney about his or her background in the legal field, as well as years of experience.

At Gounaris Abboud, LPA, we have more than 5 decades of combined experience representing the criminally accused.

We also have obtained numerous accolades, including a 10/10 Superb rating on Avvo and inclusion in the Ohio Super Lawyer® list.

Your Hearing at the Miamisburg Municipal Court

For a DUI charge, the first appearance in the Miamisburg Municipal Court, the arraignment, is mandatory.

Having a knowledgeable Miamisburg DUI lawyer by your side during your hearing will prove to be a positive tool when pursuing a favorable outcome.

You do not want to go into the courtroom unprepared. Schedule a free initial case evaluation for your DUI case by contacting us!

If you’ve been arrested or cited with an DUI/OVI in Miamisburg, you will be required to appear in the Miamisburg Municipal Court located 10 North First Street, Miamisburg, Ohio.

The Court serves over 80,000 citizens and any citations from the City of Germantown, West Carrollton, Miami Township and German Township will also be heard in the Miamisburg Court.

There is one Judge (Alyse Rettich) and one Magistrate (Jeff Slyman) in the Miamisburg Municipal Court.

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With your freedom on the line, it is essential to act immediately and get the legal protection you need.

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