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Client Defended Against Allegations of Lying to Air Force


  • False Statements to Air Force Investigators


Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas Gounaris of Gounaris Abboud, LPA in Dayton, Ohio was retained to serve as defense counsel in a case involving contractors and the Air Force. Gounaris’ client, faced charges of allegedly lying to Air Force investigators regarding a major defense program contract out of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.


Both individuals were employed by a defense contracting firm and were accused of intentionally giving false information to investigators regarding an awarded contract and the number of workers assigned to it. Gounaris has discussed securing a fair plea deal for his client in the light of evidence brought forth by the government and prosecution, headed by Assistant United States Attorney Laura Clemmens. The United States accepted the offer and the client will plead guilty to a single count of false statements but no conviction was ever entered against the client. Plea deals are often used in complex federal cases such as this one to not only protect defendants from potentially extreme penalties but to also save the government time and money by more or less expediting the case.

Attorney Gounaris further explained that the plea deal would not include a permanent conviction of a crime. If his client can meet all agreement requirements he would be eligible for diversion thereby keeping any conviction off his record and improving his reputation and employability in the future.

For more information regarding this ongoing case, Dayton Daily News recently published a full article that can be read by clicking here. If you require a Dayton criminal defense attorney for a case of your own, including one involving serious federal charges, you can turn to Gounaris Abboud, LPA. Our team is backed by more than half a century’s worth of criminal defense experience and an impressive list of satisfied client testimonials. Discover the difference we can make for you today by contacting us now and adding a free consultation to your calendar.

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