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Moraine Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are facing criminal charges in Moraine, Ohio, you should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent your case.

A criminal conviction can remain on your permanent record for the rest of your life and affect your livelihood, reputation, and personal freedoms.

Hiring an experienced defense attorney gives you the best opportunity to have your charge reduced or dismissed entirely.

Our team of Moraine defense attorneys at Gounaris Abboud, LPA, has decades of experience representing those facing criminal accusations.

We understand navigating a criminal case can impose significant pressure on you and your loved ones. Our team can answer any questions you have along the way.

If you are facing criminal charges in Moraine, Ohio, contact our criminal defense team at Gounaris Abboud as soon as possible to schedule your free initial consultation.

Many of the criminal charges that arise in Moraine are handled in the Moraine Mayors Court located at 4200 Dryden Road, Moraine, OH 45439.

The Mayors Court only operates on Wednesday afternoons.

However, If you’ve been arrested in Moraine on some criminal charges, you might be required to appear in the Kettering Municipal Court located 2325 Wilmington Pike, Kettering, Ohio.

It is important to contact us at (937) 222-1515 or fill out our online form today to determine the appropriate place to appear and your best way forward.

We offer free consultations.

How Can Moraine Criminal Defense Lawyers at Gounaris Abboud Help with My Case?

An experienced defense attorney can mean the difference between spending time in jail and returning home with your family.

You do not want to rely on an attorney with minimal experience to fight for your freedom. Instead, you need a lawyer with prior experience handling criminal cases and taking cases to trial.

A qualified defense attorney can help you by:

  • Creating a robust legal strategy to defeat your charges;
  • Outlining your legal rights during the investigative process;
  • Gathering evidence that proves your innocence;
  • Negotiating with the prosecuting attorney on your behalf.

At Gounaris Abboud, our legal team consists of former prosecutors and judges. We are confident in our ability to prepare a strategy that secures a favorable outcome in your case.

What Kind of Criminal Charges Do Our Moraine, Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle?

Our office has defended countless clients facing a wide variety of different misdemeanor and felony charges.

Our team handles the following types of criminal cases:

  • DUI/OVI charges
  • Domestic violence charges
  • Theft charges
  • Assault charges
  • Violent crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Juvenile charges
  • Appeals

Additionally, we represent individuals facing the charges detailed below.

Drug Charges

The most common forms of drug charges in Ohio include:

  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Trafficking controlled substances
  • Drug manufacturing charges

While most marijuana convictions are misdemeanors, other drug crimes in Ohio typically qualify as felonies.

A possession charge is the lowest level of drug charge you can receive in Ohio. If you possess a controlled substance other than marijuana, the charge qualifies as a fifth-degree felony.

A fifth-degree felony carries a potential prison sentence of between six and twelve months.

Weapon Charges

While the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution gives U.S. citizens the right to own and carry a firearm, there are certain limitations.

For example, Ohio prohibits certain individuals from possessing a firearm, including those who:

  • Are fugitives from justice;
  • Were charged with or convicted of a violent felony;
  • Were charged with or convicted of a felony drug offense that involved illegal drug possession, sale, distribution, or trafficking;
  • Suffer from chronic alcoholism;
  • Are deemed mentally incompetent, mentally defective, or mentally ill by the court;
  • Were ordered by the court to live in a mental institution;
  • Suffer from drug dependency or are in danger of suffering a drug dependency.

Unlike some states, Ohio does not require firearms owners to register their weapons at a state level.

Still, individuals can face charges for other violations of Ohio’s weapons laws. If you are facing weapons charges, contact our criminal defense lawyers in Moraine, OH.

White Collar Crimes

In many cases, white-collar crimes involve financial crimes committed by people in some role of authority.

Examples of white-collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery
  • Wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Health care fraud

White-collar crime investigations typically span over a long period. You should contact an attorney immediately if you are under investigation for committing white-collar crimes.

Do not wait until you are formally charged to seek the advice of counsel.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges in Moraine, Ohio? Contact Gounaris Abboud Right Away

Whatever criminal charges you are facing, you need a lawyer with the knowledge and commitment to advance your interests before the court.

Our team at Gounaris Abboud, LPA, has over 50 years of combined legal experience.

With attorneys previously employed as prosecutors and judges, we know our way around the criminal justice system.

Your freedom could be at stake if you are facing criminal charges in Ohio.

Contact our team of Moraine criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible so we can get started on your case.

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