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How Do I Get a Rental Car & Who Pays for It?

Updated: November 24, 2023
Edward Yim
By Edward Yim

Ed spent over twelve years litigating personal injury claims of all types, including automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bite claims, and injuries resulting from dangerous conditions on the property. Ed leads the personal injury practice at Gounaris Abboud, LPA. After graduating from the University of Dayton School of Law as a recipient of the Dean’s Scholarship, Ed spent five years honing his courtroom skills in the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office.

The at-fault party’s insurance company should provide you with a rental car for the time it takes to repair your vehicle. If your vehicle is deemed to be a total loss, the insurance company will provide you with a rental vehicle until an offer is made on your total loss vehicle. Keep in mind that rental car coverage is for the cost of the rental vehicle only, not the cost of any additional insurance coverage that you purchase for the rental vehicle. So, before you purchase the additional insurance for the rental vehicle, check with your insurance agent to see if your own policy provides coverage for you when you are driving a rental vehicle.

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