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Youngstown Federal Criminal Attorney

Have you been contacted by an agent of the FBI, DEA, or other federal organization? Have your friends or associates been questioned about you or your activities? If so, it is likely that evidence is being compiled with the goal of charging you with a federal crime.

Under Investigation for a Federal Crime?

The best time to seek the assistance of an accomplished Youngstown federal crime lawyer from Gounaris Abboud, LPA is when you first suspect you may be under investigation. Youngstown’s crime rate is twice that of the U.S. average, and federal and state authorities are heavily involved in identifying, arresting, and charging those involved in criminal activities, at both the state and federal levels.

Federal authorities cast a wide net when they are investigating a crime. In many cases, a federal prosecutor will encourage an individual to “make a deal” and provide evidence to federal agents in exchange for so-called leniency. A federal charge is a serious matter. Never discuss any aspect of your case or answer questions, provide information or access to your home, office, computers, or any other personal or business area without first ensuring you are protected by a defense attorney with experience in defending federal crimes.

Arrested in Youngstown?

Our team at Gounaris Abboud, LPA can help people throughout Ohio, including Youngstown. Youngstown is located in Mahoning County and has a population of over 560,000. In all, there are 26,800 households and 15,000 families. The density of the population is 755 people per square mile and 968 houses per square mile. The racial makeup of the population is 47% White, 45% African American, 0.4% Native American, and 0.4% Asian.

The Youngstown Police Department has its main station on West Boardman Street and the Police Chief is Rod Foley. The Youngstown City Hall is located on Phelps Street and the court is made up of three separate courtrooms. The crime index in Youngstown is 3. This means that it is safer than 3% of cities in the U.S., as 1 is the least safe and 100 is the most safe. Both the violent crime comparison and the property crime comparison are above the national median.

Our legal team is comprised of former prosecutors and/or judges. We understand the tactics that prosecutors engage in to strengthen their cases and obtain convictions. We have successfully represented numerous clients at the local, state and federal levels in our more than 50 years of legal practice.

In most cases, when our attorneys are involved right from the start of a case, we first seek to prevent charges from being filed and have been successful in helping clients avoid federal criminal charges in many cases. Our early involvement in the case could make a significant difference.

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When it is not possible to avoid charges being filed against you, we move into action to determine whether there is the potential to get the charges dropped or reduced. The outcome of your case depends, to a large extent, on how early we are involved in the legal process.

Our firm provides criminal defense for individuals accused of many types of federal offenses such as conspiracywhite-collar crimes (all types of fraud and others), gun violationsdrug offensesinternet sex crimes, and more. We are also fully familiar with federal sentencing guidelines and the impact upon the potential punishments in your case.

As a result of the work we have done in past cases, our firm has achieved the very highest rating on, the attorney rating website. We are also among the very few attorneys in our state to be honored by being included on the list of Ohio Super Lawyers®. You can be confident in our firm, our legal team, and our complete commitment to you and your freedom and rights.

Contact our Youngstown federal criminal defense attorney to find out about your legal options if you are being investigated for a federal crime or are facing charges.

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