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Conspiracy charges are based on the agreement of two or more people to commit a crime, whether they carry through with committing the crime.

For example, if two people plan together to kill another person, then they can be charged with conspiracy to commit murder even if they did not commit the actual homicide.

Certain conspiracy charges depend on whether there is evidence that the perpetrator took steps toward achieving the crime.

Evidence can include procuring a weapon, while other charges only require that the individual participated in the plan or agreement.

Federal prosecutors frequently can add charges of conspiracy to an underlying charge of white-collar crimedrug offense, or other crime in an effort to increase the penalty that can be delivered at sentencing in the event of a conviction.

Sometimes, prosecutors may file conspiracy charges against people who are peripherally associated with a crime in the hopes of getting those individuals to provide information about another suspect in exchange for leniency or a favorable plea bargain.

Conspiracy charges can serve as a broad net that federal law enforcement agencies use to sweep up groups of individuals who are all playing roles of varying degrees of significance in a crime or criminal venture.

This may be part of an effort to disband a specific criminal group, gain more insight into the group’s operations, eliminate an illegal activity from a specific area, or another strategy.

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