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Hamilton Federal Criminal Attorney

For more than 50 years, attorneys at Gounaris Abboud, LPA have been assisting clients facing charges filed in either federal or state court. Hamilton is on the top 100 list of unsafe cities in the U.S. and federal and state prosecutors are working to crack down on crime in the city. It is vital to retain a proven Hamilton federal crime lawyer to protect your rights and fight for every possible advantage in your case, no matter how serious the charges.

Bail Hearings for a Federal Crime

For many individuals who are facing federal criminal charges, the issue of professional defense counsel is the most important decision you have to make. Your future freedom will be impacted, likely for years into the future, if you fail to be represented by a highly qualified and experienced Hamilton federal criminal defense, lawyer.

In any criminal case, one of the first issues to arise is regarding bail. A judge can take one of several actions regarding bail in your case. He or she can detain you, release you without any conditions, or allow you to be released with certain conditions. The judge will decide whether your release is believed to endanger the safety of another or the community as a whole.

The court will also consider releasing you when it is certain that you are not a flight risk. These factors impact all types of federal crimes including conspiracy, internet sex crimes, drug offenses, gun violations, white-collar crimes, and others.

Arguing for Your Release in a Federal Crime Case

Both the federal prosecutor in your case and defense counsel from our firm will present arguments as to whether you should be detained or released until the trial commences. While many factors could impact your bail hearing, the skill in presenting your situation to the court generally plays a major role in the court’s decision regarding whether you will be released to return to your home and family, or held in custody until trial.

If you are charged with a federal crime for which federal sentencing guidelines entail a lengthy prison term as part of the penalties that could be imposed, it may be more difficult to be released from federal custody.

An experienced federal criminal defense lawyer from our firm will take every possible defense action to assist you, including fighting for your release from federal custody while awaiting trial. Our goal is to gain any advantage for you in every court appearance, including regarding bail, as well as at trial.

Our professional legal team has a great insight into the criminal justice process, having served as prosecutors and judges for years. We know what it takes to fight back successfully in federal court. A well-prepared defense case that is presented professionally and persuasively is a necessity when facing federal charges. Call today.

For more information about defending against federal charges, contact a Hamilton federal criminal defense attorney from our firm today.

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