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Federal Criminal Attorney in Parma

If you are under investigation or facing federal charges, you must retain an experienced Parma federal criminal defense lawyer to defend you. Your defense counsel should get involved as early as possible. Gounaris Abboud, LPA has worked for over 3 decades to protect the rights of those accused of offenses of all types, including federal crimes.

Preventing Federal Crime Charges

Prior to our work as criminal defense attorneys, our legal team served as prosecutors or judges. Our experience has shown that the actions taken by your attorney at the early stages of your case, particularly by a lawyer who has successfully defended cases at the federal level, can significantly impact the final outcome.

Federal cases can sometimes take weeks or many months to investigate and develop. During this time, you may suspect that you are under investigation or have been asked by a federal investigator to answer certain questions. The moment you become aware that your activities are being scrutinized, you should contact us.

We may need to engage in an independent investigation and negotiate with federal authorities to prevent any charges from being filed against a potential defendant. Considering the severity of federal sentencing guidelines, which can include extreme fines and years in federal prison, you can’t take chances when facing federal authorities.

In other cases, we have caused charges that were filed to be dismissed, due to our intervention early in the process. For some, the most positive result will be a sentence of probation as an alternative to a term in prison. When it is appropriate to your case, getting the charges reduced can mean that your freedoms can be restored more quickly.

Why Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Now?

The key point is to not delay in retaining our legal team if you are being investigated, questioned, or are facing federal charges. There is a risk of investigators getting a defendant to make statements that will later be used against them at trial. It also occurs that a person is led to plead guilty when there may have been better alternatives.

Both of these unfortunate situations could have been prevented had the individual been represented by a skilled federal criminal defense attorney. Our attorneys defend those charged with or under investigation for white-collar or internet sex crimesgun violationsdrug offensesconspiracy, and other federal charges.

To find out how we can assist you, please contact a federal crime attorney from our firm today.

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