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Elyria Federal Criminal Lawyer

It may come as no surprise that if you are convicted of a federal crime, the penalties you face will almost certainly be very severe. In most cases, the punishments are much harsher than those for similar charges filed in state court. It is crucial that you get legal representation at once from an experienced Elyria federal criminal defense attorney if you hope to avoid conviction. Many attorneys have years of experience, so what type of experience should you look for?

Experienced Federal Crime Attorneys for Your Case

The attorneys at Gounaris Abboud, LPA have worked for over 3 decades protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals who are accused of federal crimes. Although we have won numerous victories at the local and state levels, we have a proven record of success in federal court. With a conviction rate standing at about 90%, the skills of your defense lawyer could not be more important. While a town the size of Elyria may have a number of fine attorneys, not all lawyers are admitted to practice in federal courts.

Offenses prosecuted at the federal level are subject to different rules and procedures than those at lower echelons of the criminal justice system. Federal sentencing guidelines allow for extremely heavy penalties, including incarceration and fines, to be imposed on those who are convicted.

We defend those accused of a variety of federal charges including internet sex crimesgun violationsdrug offensesconspiracy and white-collar crimes to list a few. While our experience in federal courts is an advantage, there is another vastly important type of experience that can, in many instances, make the difference in your case.

Former Prosecutors Fight Against Federal Crime Charges

Our firm consists exclusively of former prosecutors and/or judges. Whether as an assistant prosecutor, assistant district attorney or a municipal court judge, our attorneys have the background serving on the “other side” and have successfully prosecuted individuals for a broad variety of offenses. We know exactly how investigators gather and compile evidence for their cases.

Our lawyers understand the methods that prosecutors use to charge individuals with crimes and how they try their cases. We are intimately familiar with every aspect of the criminal justice process. Most importantly, our attorneys also understand what to look for to find the weak points in a case.

With a history of understanding how a prosecutor develops and presents a case, our knowledge and skills for the defense could be a significant benefit to you and to the final outcome of your case. In order for you to take advantage of the unique experience our legal team brings to the table, we offer a free initial evaluation of your case.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services and what can be done to help you fight federal charges, please contact a federal criminal attorney from our firm as early as possible.

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