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Dayton Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

When faced with federal crime charges and the power of the U.S. government, it can become easy to lose hope.

Our firm has over 3 decades of experience, and we are zealous advocates for our clients, and we fight to protect their rights both in and out of court.

Federal prosecutors indeed have a high conviction rate.

It is also factual, however, that the attorneys at Gounaris Abboud, LPA have helped many individuals to achieve a favorable verdict in federal court, or even, in some cases, prevent charges from being filed.

Our firm was founded in Dayton, and our legal team takes special pride in safeguarding the rights of those in Dayton who are accused of a federal crime and facing prosecution.

As with all criminal cases, there could be opportunities to get the charges resolved in your favor, but this will require an experienced Dayton federal criminal attorney to get involved in the case as early as possible.

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We Are a Federal Crime Defense Law Firm with Proven Results

As an example of our case results, one of our clients was being prosecuted on a heroin drug conspiracy charge as well as a gun violation at the federal level.

This person was facing the terrible consequences of being forced to serve a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted.

Through our professional defense actions, we secured a sentence well below the 10-year minimum and got the gun charge removed, which also took away the potential for a consecutive sentence.

Find out more about our case results so you can be confident you are choosing the right firm.

Whether you are facing a federal drug offense charge or any other serious crime filed in federal court, we get into action to protect your rights and pursue any advantage possible for you.

For most individuals, their number one priority is to stay out of prison or to reduce the time they will have to serve.

Our federal defense attorneys in Dayton, Ohio believe that you have the right to the best possible defense counsel you can get. This could not be more important when facing a federal crime.

If you’ve been arrested or cited in Dayton, you will be required to appear in the Dayton Municipal Court located at 301 W. Third Street in Dayton, Ohio.

The Municipal Court in Dayton is the largest Municipal Court in Montgomery County and has five full-time judges and two full-time Magistrate Judges.

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Those who are facing a federal indictment on internet sex crimes could be heavily punished if convicted, and will most likely serve years in federal prison.

We can conduct an independent investigation to gather evidence to support the defense case.

We have the most respected experts to call upon to assist in supporting our defense case when necessary. These are but a few of the examples of what can be done when you are under investigation for or have been charged with a federal offense.

The key is to get legal representation working on your behalf as early as possible, in the best case, prior to charges being filed.

Our attorneys are former prosecutors and judges who know what it takes to win criminal cases.

Although many attorneys could offer services for charges filed in state court, they may not be admitted to practice in federal courts or do not have the experience, insight and professional skill needed to be successful at in defending against federal charges.

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