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Cleveland Federal Criminal Lawyer

The attorneys at Gounaris Abboud, LPA are former prosecutors and judges who, over the past 50-plus years, have worked to protect those accused of criminal acts including federal crimes. We have had countless victories on behalf of our clients at the municipal, state and most importantly, at the federal level.

Arrested for a Gun Violation, Drug Offense, or Other Federal Crime?

Our lawyers have been honored by inclusion in the Ohio Super Lawyers® and Super Lawyers® Rising Stars℠ lists, awards are given to a very small percentage of attorneys in our state. In addition, we have also received the “Superb” 10/10 ranking on the well-known attorney rating website Avvo.

These awards are reflective of the level of service and the proven results we achieve for individuals who come to us for help. This is especially important in the case of offenses that are prosecuted at the federal level.

If you are currently under investigation for or have been charged with a federal white-collar or internet sex crime, a gun violationdrug offense, or conspiracy, our experience, and the honors we have received really mean just one important fact. When you hire a committed Cleveland federal crime attorney from our firm, you have retained a team that is experienced and accomplished at taking on federal prosecutors.

Cleveland has a crime index of 2, meaning that the city is safer than 2% of cities in the country. Cities are ranked on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the safest. In one year, there were a total of 5,400 violent crimes and 25,000 property crimes in the city. The national median for violent crimes in the U.S. is 3.9 crimes per 1,000 residents and in Cleveland, the comparison is 13.8 crimes per 1,000 residents.

The property crime rate in the U.S. is 29.1 crimes per 1,000 residents and the property crime index in Cleveland is 64.8 crimes per square mile. As to crimes per square mile, the national median is 39 crimes per square mile. In Cleveland, however, there are 376 crimes per square mile. If you were arrested for a crime in Cleveland, you need to ensure you have a legal representative on your side who understands local law enforcement and laws.

Conviction and Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The federal government has access to resources that commonly do not exist at the local level. Their prosecutors are highly skilled at finding defendants guilty and have a very high conviction rate. Federal sentencing guidelines provide for terms of imprisonment and fines that are routinely much more severe than state courts.

With a crime rate more than doubled the U.S. average, those who live in Cleveland face prosecutors who are highly motivated to put offenders behind bars – whether the accused individual is actually guilty of the crime may not be the motivating factor.

We offer an alternative to our clients. In many cases, especially when we are involved early in a case, we are able to get charges dismissed for a variety of reasons. For some, there could be opportunities to negotiate a reduction of charges and thereby lessen the penalties that could be imposed by the court. Others, however, deserve to exercise their rights to a fair and speedy trial and the opportunity to be acquitted of the charges. We have prevailed at trial in federal court and should review your case at once if you have charges filed against you.

A conviction for a federal crime will impact you for the remainder of your life, adversely affecting employment, education, and other opportunities. We are dedicated to fighting for the most favorable result possible in your case, and the time to get started is now. Our early involvement could make a critical difference in the level of charges filed against you. Accused of a federal crime?

Contact a Cleveland federal criminal defense lawyer from our firm today for proven assistance against federal-level charges.

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