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Springboro DUI Lawyer

Springboro DUI Lawyer

If you are facing driving under the influence (DUI) or operating a vehicle impaired (OVI) charges in Springboro, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney like those at Gounaris Abboud. Let our DUI lawyer help you navigate your legal challenges.

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Skilled Springboro DUI/OVI Lawyers

Our criminal defense lawyers are deeply familiar with Ohio law and can provide personalized legal services designed to help you address drunk driving charges and related criminal offenses. We’ll connect you with an OVI attorney or DUI lawyer who will dig deep into the criminal charges you are facing and develop a cohesive strategy based on the unique factors of your case.

Additionally, your DUI lawyer will ensure that the arresting police officer, the prosecuting attorney, and all other involved parties are following the letter of the law. We protect you from overreach and will verify that the DUI investigation was conducted following state statutes and standards set forth by Ohio courts.

Your assigned Springboro OVI attorney will have a strong working knowledge of Ohio Revised Code § 4511.19. Your DUI attorney will do everything possible to help you avoid mandatory penalties and have all charges dismissed.

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Facing OVI charges? Start your defense journey with our dedicated DUI lawyers. We’re here to safeguard your rights and future.

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Types of DUI Offenses We Handle

At Gounaris Abboud, we proudly serve accused individuals in Delaware County, Franklin County, and surrounding counties. The types of DUI OVI cases we handle include:

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1. First-Time DUI Offense

A first-time DUI offense can be a daunting experience. Even though the first offense is a first-degree misdemeanor, a DUI charge can carry serious legal consequences. We’ll mount a strong DUI offense and seek rehabilitative measures over punitive ones so you can move on from your mistake.


2. Multiple DUI Offense

Facing a second or subsequent DUI charge significantly increases the stakes. These offenses often carry harsher penalties if you have a prior OVI conviction. You may face a license suspension, jail time, or higher fines.

Our DUI defense team can minimize the long-term impact on your life while negotiating the best possible outcome in your DUI case.


3. Underage DUI

Underage DUI cases are particularly tough due to the involvement of minors. They can involve a mandatory license suspension and other harsh penalties. Our team will help offset the penalties you face so you can move forward with your life.


4. Felony DUI

DUI laws in Ohio include escalation charges that can move criminal charges from a misdemeanor to a felony if the incident involved injury, death, a very high BAC, or other unique characteristics. When facing felony DUI charges, you need a criminal defense DUI lawyer from our team.


5. Drug-Related DUI

We’ll pair you with a DUI lawyer who regularly handles drug-related DUI OVI cases. They can mount a strong criminal defense by rigorously evaluating the evidence, including police reports and the testimony of the arresting officer.



Our DUI attorneys also handle drunk driving cases involving CDL holders. If you have a CDL and are facing drunk driving charges, our team can help.

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When OVI charges threaten your freedom, trust our experienced DUI/OVI attorneys to protect your rights and fight for your best outcome.

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What to Do When Arrested for a DUI in Springboro, OH

If you are arrested for drunk driving or OVI in Springboro, Ohio, do the following:

Stay Calm

Don’t panic or be confrontational with police officers. Stay calm and let DUI attorneys fight your drunk driving case on your behalf.

Exercise Your Rights

You are required to identify yourself and provide standard documents, such as your driver’s license. But don’t volunteer anything that could support OVI charges. Staying silent gives your DUI lawyer a better chance of beating your OVI charges and having them dismissed.

Cooperate with Sobriety Tests

Refusing preliminary field sobriety tests can result in an administrative license suspension, even if you are below the legal limit. Cooperate and let your West Chester DUI lawyer fight your OVI charges in court.

Know Implied Consent

Ohio’s implied consent law means that you gave consent to a chemical test by operating a motor vehicle. It is a stipulation for receiving a driver’s license in Ohio. If you refuse, you could face an administrative license suspension.

Document the Arrest

Make a mental note of key details during the time of arrest, including potential witnesses. If possible, find out the name of any police officer on the scene so that your DUI attorneys can depose them.

Be Cautious with Information

Don’t share information about your drunk driving incident or OVI charges with anyone but your attorney.

Consult a DUI Attorney

Speak to a DUI attorney right away. A DUI lawyer can assess your case and get you ready for your first court date.

Attend Court

You’ll have a hearing at the municipal court or Springboro mayor’s court. Make sure you attend.

Prepare Your Defense

Work with your DUI lawyer to gather evidence and build a defense strategy.

What Are the Potential Penalties for a First-Time DUI in Springboro?

The Springboro mayor’s court or county municipal court can impose drunk driving penalties under Ohio’s revised code. As your DUI attorney may explain, potential penalties include:

License Suspension

Under Ohio revised code, drunk driving can lead to a license suspension of six months to three years.


The municipal court can impose fines of a few hundred dollars.


If you plead guilty or receive an OVI conviction, you may face probation; mandatory minimum penalties typically include alcohol counseling and drug and alcohol testing.

Jail Time

Drunk driving criminal cases can involve up to 180 days of jail time.

Driver Intervention Program

The municipal court may require a Driver Intervention Program.

Ignition Interlock Device

The municipal court may order you to install an ignition interlock device, which analyzes your BAC to ensure you are under the legal limit.

A good DUI attorney can fight OVI charges and try to have your charges dismissed/reduced. While your DUI lawyer can’t guarantee the charges will be dismissed, they give you the best chance of mitigating the impacts of OVI charges.

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How Our DUI Defense Attorneys Can Help You

We mount a strong criminal defense, providing:


Strategic Defense Planning

Your DUI lawyer will plan out a strong criminal defense.


Strong Legal Guidance

Your DUI attorney explains your options when facing a drunk driving case or OVI charges.


Comprehensive Case Review

Your DUI attorneys will interview the arresting officer, review your criminal record, and analyze the police report to help you plan a response to your charges.


Negotiation and Plea Bargaining

Your DUI attorney will negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to reduce your OVI charges.


Aggressive Courtroom Advocacy

Our DUI defense team will vigorously represent you in municipal court, challenging evidence and advocating for your rights in hopes of having charges dismissed.


Post-Conviction Support

If you are convicted of a DUI charge or OVI charges, we’ll help you navigate what’s next.

Why Choose Gounaris Abboud for DUI Defense
in Springboro, OH?

Who you choose to represent your DUI case in county municipal court matters. A DUI attorney from Gounaris Abboud will mount a strong criminal defense and minimize the impacts of your drunk driving charges. We don’t just practice law. We provide:

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

You'll be assigned a seasoned DUI attorney who has a history of successfully defending DUI cases in municipal court.
Local Background

Local Background

Your DUI lawyer will have in-depth knowledge of Springboro, the municipal court system, and DUI laws.
Personalized Defense

Personalized Defense

Our DUI defense attorneys don't rely on generic strategies — we'll personalize our approach when handling your DUI case.
Skilled Negotiators

Skilled Negotiators

Our DUI defense team is known throughout the central Ohio area for being fierce negotiators in criminal cases and DUI incidents.
Aggressive Advocacy

Aggressive Advocacy

With a Gounaris Abboud DUI attorney in your corner, you'll have a DUI professional fighting to protect your rights.
24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

You can connect with a DUI attorney 24/7; when you need us, we'll answer.
Hear What <span class="subtitle">Our Clients Are Saying</span>

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

I can’t say Thank You enough ! My son was facing a felony and 2 misdemeanors. Nick worked his magic and we left with a small fine. Done. Nick and his office staff treated us great from the start. All questions were always answered promptly. I hope to never need legal again but I highly recommend these guys for your legal needs!!
Stacey Ranae
The best law firm with even better lawyers. Communication is great from the staff at the office. Tony Abboud is simply a beast in the court room and he got me out of a over 25mph feeding ticket with no points.
I had nothing but a wonderful experience dealing with Tony. I never once felt like a client but more like a friend and the service was excellent and he did wonders for my case. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family. I thought the fee was extremely reasonable and I was more than happy with his service... all around Top Notch service
Tommy Cooper
The best law firm with even better lawyers. Communication is great from the staff at the office.
I would recommend Gounaris Abboud, LPA to anyone who is in need of a lawyer who is professional, caring and thoughtful but straight to the point in helping you with your problem or situation. I give thanks to the team of Gounaris Abboud for all of their great advise and the top notch work that they do!
Craig Mckernan

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What are the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for DUI in Springboro, Ohio?

In Springboro, Ohio, the legal limit for BAC is 0.08% for adults age 21 and older. The legal limit for drivers under 21 is 0.02%. However, you could face OVI charges even if you are under the legal limit.

What happens if I refuse to take a breathalyzer or chemical test during a DUI stop in Springboro?

Refusing to take a breathalyzer or chemical test in Springboro or anywhere in Southwest Ohio can lead to an automatic driver’s license suspension. You’ll also incur court costs and other penalties from the county municipal court.

What are the immediate consequences of a DUI arrest in Springboro?

When you face an OVI charge, you’ll be asked to complete field sobriety testing and you’ll be taken into custody. The police officer will likely impound your car during a DUI arrest. You’ll face a one-year license suspension.

Can I lose my driver’s license if I’m charged with a DUI in Springboro?

If you are convicted of an OVI charge or DUI, the municipal court can suspend your license for several months to a few years. The municipal court will consider your past DUI cases, criminal record, and driving record.

What factors can impact the strength of the prosecution’s case in a DUI trial?

Your performance on field sobriety tests, your breath test result, the police officer’s DUI track record, and witness testimony all impact the strength of DUI or OVI cases. A DUI attorney will use mitigating factors to fight your OVI charge.

Can I negotiate a plea bargain for reduced charges in a Springboro DUI case?

A DUI attorney can bargain with the municipal court to reduce your legal fees and reduce your OWI charges. A DUI attorney will try to have your charge dismissed by arguing the accuracy of field sobriety tests and other facts.

Will a DUI conviction in Springboro appear on my criminal record, and how does it affect my future?

The municipal court will have DUI or OVI charges appear on your criminal record if you are convicted. But your DUI lawyer will fight to have your charge dismissed. If you don’t get the charges dismissed, you might find it harder to obtain employment, housing, or certain licenses.