Springboro DUI Lawyers

Suppose your DUI charge was the first time you were ever arrested. Many people think that a first offense will surely result in very few consequences, but that assumption could be very wrong.

Even for a first offense, there’s a chance you could go to jail, pay enormous fines and fees, and lose your license for an extended period of time if you get convicted of DUI. Could you imagine what might happen to you and your family if you have to go to jail, lose your license, and get saddled with an unexpected financial liability? How do you stop your DUI charge from having a large negative impact on your life?

You can start by seeking legal representation from an experienced, savvy, and aggressive lawyer to fight your DUI charges and protect your rights.

If you need such a lawyer, look no further than the Springboro DUI lawyers from Gounaris Abboud, LPA. If cited for an OVI / DUI in the City of Springboro, your case may be heard in the Springboro Mayor’s Court located at 320 W. Central Avenue.

Court in Springboro is held on Wednesday’s and the Magistrate that presides over the cases is Kent Deporter. The Magistrate in Springboro is lawfully able to preside over traffic and minor misdemeanor criminal cases. Gounaris Abboud has an office at 275 N. Main Street less than one (1) mile away from the Court.

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Why Choose One of Our Springboro DUI Lawyers?

Although many attorneys claim to have extensive experience and fight aggressively for their clients, our Springboro, Ohio, DUI lawyers prove it every day in courts across Ohio. Our DUI lawyers have won prestigious awards that demonstrate their ability, track record of results, and extraordinary client satisfaction. 

The following are just a few of the accolades we’ve received:

  • Admission to Ohio SuperLawyers;
  • Inclusion in the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers list;
  • Receiving many 5 out of 5 stars in third-party reviews; and
  • Securing a Superb 10.0 AVVO rating.

Our award-winning DUI attorneys from Springboro, OH, have accumulated a tremendous amount of courtroom experience. Combined, we have over 50 years of experience fighting for justice in courtrooms across Ohio. As a result, we have likely represented a client with a case similar to yours. 

Also, as former prosecutors, we understand how the State will try to prove their case against you, and we can anticipate the likely arguments they will present. Perhaps even more importantly, being former prosecutors lends us credibility with current prosecutors and the judges we appear before daily. We have cultivated a reputation as tough, trustworthy advocates who fight hard for our clients.

Why Is It Important to Have an Experienced DUI Lawyer Handle Your Springboro DUI Case?

Ohio’s DUI law is tough. If convicted, even of a first DUI offense, you face a minimum of three days up to a maximum of six months in jail, over $1,000 in fines and fees, and a license suspension of six months up to three years. The impact of this punishment could easily overwhelm your life.

Imagine trying to explain to your boss that you can’t make it to work because you got arrested and must serve time in jail—even if only for three days. Or imagine trying to keep a job when you cannot drive. Your lawyer can do everything legally allowed to stop you from experiencing the worst of these consequences.

The presumption of innocence has been the bedrock of our criminal justice system since our country’s inception. It means that the State must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before they can convict you. 

Your chances of success are greater if you have a savvy and skilled DUI defense lawyer in your corner.

The Springboro DUI lawyers of Gounaris Abboud, LPA, will thoroughly examine your case to find the best defense strategy. If the police violated your rights, we would look for ways to suppress evidence or statements obtained unlawfully. We will also look for favorable evidence that tends to show that the police got it wrong.

We might be able to find witnesses who could testify and contradict the prosecution’s evidence. Or we might find evidence that law enforcement administered your breath test improperly or failed to maintain the device properly. Essentially, we’ll dig into the details to uncover anything that could help alleviate or eliminate the punishments the government might try to impose upon you.

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