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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Xenia, OH

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Xenia, OH

Have you been charged with a crime in Xenia? Our defense lawyers are ready to vigorously defend you against the state and protect your future. We offer free consultations and round-the-clock availability. Reach out today.

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Xenia’s Trusted Criminal Defense Attorneys

With over 50 years of combined experience, the criminal defense lawyers at Gounaris Abboud have helped thousands win favorable outcomes to their criminal cases, including dropped and dismissed charges and reduced sentences and acquittals.

We confidently navigate criminal law cases and fight tirelessly to achieve our objective, which is to protect your rights and freedoms to the fullest extent possible.

At Gounaris Abboud, we:

✓ Listen and address your concerns

✓ Always strive for the most optimal outcome

✓ Fight for you around the clock

✓ Focus on criminal defense


If you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge or are dealing with any other criminal law matter in Greene County, Gounaris Abboud is ready to help. Each criminal defense lawyer from our firm is capable of providing you with the robust defense you deserve. Call today.

Facing Criminal Charges in Xenia, OH?

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Criminal Charges We Handle

Our Ohio criminal attorney at Gounaris Abboud is ready to fight the charges you’re facing in Xenia, Greene County, including:


Drug Charges

Drug charges in Ohio come with severe sentences. However, just because you have been arrested does not mean you are certain to spend time behind bars or pay any fines. The state must prove its case, and Gounaris Abboud provides quality legal representation against whatever charges you are facing.


Traffic Charges

As one of Xenia’s strongest law firms, we defend clients from minor traffic charges, homicides, and everything in between. Regarding traffic charges, we let nothing slide and vigorously attack cases against our clients that are inadequate, unlawful, or otherwise lacking.


Weapon Charges

From weapons possession to firearms trafficking charges, we meticulously attack the state’s case against you to obtain a favorable outcome for your case, which may include an outright dismissal of charges, reduced charges, or a not-guilty verdict if your case goes to trial.


Domestic Violence

State prosecutors take a hard-line stance against domestic violence and pursue steep punishments as a regular course of business. Gounaris Abboud fights to beat the charges and protect you against harsh sentencing and collateral impacts on your life and livelihood.


Theft Charges

If you’ve been charged with a theft crime, you need an experienced attorney to shield you from the state’s efforts to deprive you of your freedom. Whether you’ve been charged with larceny, embezzlement, or auto theft, we’ll aggressively defend you to the end.


Sex Crimes

Ohio criminal law provides for steep punishments for sexual crimes and burdens defendants with sex registry requirements and an unfavorable criminal record. With a strong defense from Gounaris Abboud, your rights will be protected to the full extent of the law.



Violent crimes, such as assault, aggravated assault, and related criminal offenses, often lead state prosecutors to seek maximum punishments. Defendants need an experienced defender to ensure that they enjoy all of the rights and privileges they deserve during criminal proceedings.


White Collar Crimes

At Gounaris Abboud, we have extensive experience defending clients against white-collar crimes, including mortgage fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, and insurance fraud. Our team’s extensive background in these matters allows us to rigorously defend you against charges of this nature.

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Xenia’s Crime Landscape Overview

Xenia is a community on the move. However, like many other similarly sized cities, Xenia has its share of challenges as it grows – most notably, challenges with crime. Currently, the crime rate sits at about 17 crimes per one thousand residents, which is the middle of the pack when looking at similar cities.

Certain areas of Xenia are safer than others. The safest neighborhoods in the city include:

  • Stonehill Village/Steeplechase at Stonehill
  • Xenia Southwest
  • Monroe
  • Xenia East
  • Oldtown/City Center
  • Wilberforce/Central State University
  • Wyoming Drive/Commonwealth Drive
  • Pierce Park
  • Xenia South

Regarding violent crimes, the crime rate is 1.87 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, while in Ohio as a whole, it is at 2.94. Specifically, rape and assault are the most common violent crimes in Xenia.

Xenia Violent Crimes

Population: 25,612

Murder Rape Robbery Assault
Report Total 0 24 1 23
Rate per 1,000 0.00 0.94 0.04 0.90

At Gounaris Abboud, our goal is to protect your rights from overzealous prosecution and law enforcement efforts.

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Available 24/7 & Obligation-Free

How Our Criminal Defense AttorneysCan Help You


Legal Counsel

Get the guidance you need to understand what is transpiring and make the right decisions for your case.


Effective Strategies

Our Southwest Ohio defense attorneys craft their strategies according to the specific circumstances of clients’ cases.


Courtroom Defense

We vigorously represent you in court and ensure that you receive a fair trial and a constitutionally airtight defense.


Evidence Analysis

After the initial consultation, we immediately set out to gather and analyze every piece of relevant evidence in your case.


Fierce Negotiation

We will fiercely advocate with the state and strategically seek the most favorable outcome to your criminal charges.


24/7 Access

When you trust us with your case, you benefit from round-the-clock access to a knowledgeable team who cares.

Why Choose Gounaris Abboud forCriminal Defense in Xenia, OH?

When you need effective defense against criminal charges, we are the right choice. Here’s why:

24/7 Access

24/7 Access

We give clients 24/7 access to our attorneys for any questions or concerns they have.
Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Your initial meeting with a Xenia or Dayton criminal defense lawyer is on us, so new clients get free consultations whether they hire us or not.
Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

Our decades of combined legal experience make us a top choice for defense, and we've helped thousands of defendants in and out of the courtroom.
Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

Our track record demonstrates our ability to win favorable outcomes for even the most difficult and serious of charges.
Personalized Legal Strategy

Personalized Legal Strategy

The unique circumstances of your case are what guide our strategies for defense, and there is no cookie-cutter law practiced at Gounaris Abboud.
Aggressive Defense

Aggressive Defense

We meet and exceed the level of aggressiveness of zealous prosecutors and go the distance for our clients with fierce advocacy.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve been fighting case after case since February 2023 and Tony got every case dismissed and we went to trail against the police and got a not guilty verdict. He made me feel like family and constantly reassured me that he had me but was 100% honest about every possibility. He is by far the best lawyer I’ve ever had and unfortunately I’ve been fighting cases since I was 16 years old when I was tried as an adult. If you’re having an issue this is definitely the firm to contact.
Tyson Dearmond
Mr. Abboud was amazingly effective, responsive and detailed handling our case. He was genuinely concerned to secure the best possible outcome for our circumstance and the favorable outcome he achieved far exceeded our expectations. Our case was a relatively minor traffic case but Mr. Abboud treated it as if was the most important matter he had at hand. We received detailed and timely communication from Mr. Abboud's staff as well. We were never left wondering what to do or what steps were being taken on our behalf. Knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, experienced and effective - Mr. Abboud is exactly what you want for legal representation. We are forever appreciative for his efforts and results.
Chase Willett
I would recommend in a heartbeat always got an answer never felt like you were just another number very personalized care and did over and beyond to do what they could and informed you every step of the way! Loved working with Nick and his paralegal Kelsea. Great job!
Tonya Morgan
Tony was amazing in my cases. I was pending charges on drug trafficking and was charged with firearms under disability facing a felony. Tony ended up talking them out of charging me with drug trafficking and got the fire arms under disability completely dismissed. He got me all my possessions and money back as well. Only stepped in the court room one time and he took care of the rest. Never did I have to talk to any police or prosecutors or anything. Tony and his office are all super nice and super cool and professional people. They made me feel like I was not to worry about anything and he will get everything taken care. He was a man of his word and did exactly what he said. If you’re in trouble definitely hit him up. He will get you taken care of 100%. They are the best around.
Ryan Kenley
After reviewing quite a few firms, I knew this was the place to go. I have had the privilege working with Lauren and NIck, and they were able to figure out things that I would have never thought of. They genuinely care about their clients and worked hand and hand to come with the best results! I'd highly recommend them! Thanks again!
A legal problem was a new situation for our family. We floundered around because our son was innocent; we thought the situation would resolve itself and that only made things worse. I did some internet research and found Gounaris, Denslow, and Abboud. After a few interactions, we hired Jeremiah Denslow, that was when things began to turn around for our son. Everyone we have dealt with at this firm has been professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and kind. Jeremiah went beyond our expectations; he not only took care of our son's legal defense, he also helped keep us calm when we thought this would never end. I know that Jeremiah was only doing his job, but I truly believe that he is a big part of the reason things ended so well for my son. I recommend this firm without hesitation.
Cheryl Pichler
The legal support provided to me by Jeremiah Denslow surpassed my expectations. He and his staff were responsive to my every inquiry, which is service not commonly provided by other firms. He was professional, knowledgeable, and kept me informed, ensuring I understood what was happening every step of the way. I only make recommendations when I receive stellar support, and I can highly recommend Mr. Denslow.
Domestic Violence Client
Hired Nick when I was in a pinch and didn't know where to go on a DV case. He listened and was extremely helpful. He answered every question I had during a very trying time. He was able to get me an acceptable result. I would recommend him to everyone.
Domestic Violence Client

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What sets your law firm apart from other criminal defense attorneys in Xenia?

Gounaris Abboud lawyers have a reputation in Xenia and throughout Ohio for being dedicated advocates with 50+ years of combined experience. With personalized service, over 300 5-star reviews, and a well-established track record, we set the bar for criminal defense.

What is the cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney in Xenia, OH?

Fees for our Xenia and Dayton criminal defense attorneys vary according to the facts of each case. We offer free consultations during which we can review your case and discuss the costs of representing you and options for payment.