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Miamisburg Criminal Defense Lawyers

Trouble often arises when you least expect it. Fortunately, our law firm, Gounaris Abboud, LPA, is ready to protect your rights when you need them most.

Our Miamisburg, Ohio, criminal defense attorneys built their sterling reputations as skilled and knowledgeable lawyers through hard work and dedication to their clients.

For a combined 50 years, our Miamisburg criminal defense lawyers have proved time and again why they should be your first call if you face criminal charges.

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Experience Matters

Our Miamisburg defense attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases.

Their extensive experience exposed them to defending clients facing felony and misdemeanor offenses in both state and federal courts.

As a result, the chances are good they have handled a case similar to yours.

Cases We Have Handled

Below is a sampling of some of the types of cases we have defended our clients against:

No matter what charge you face, our Miamisburg criminal defense lawyers are always ready and willing to represent you aggressively.

Our experience, knowledge, and passionate advocacy give you the best chances for a favorable outcome.

If you’ve been arrested or cited with a criminal charge in Miamisburg, you will be required to appear in the Miamisburg Municipal Court located at 10 North First Street, Miamisburg, Ohio.

The Court serves over 80,000 citizens and any citations from the City of Germantown, West Carrollton, Miami Township and German Township will also be heard in the Miamisburg Court.

There is one Judge (Alyse Rettich) and one Magistrate (Jeff Slyman) in the Miamisburg Municipal Court.

Former Prosecutors Know How Prosecutors Think

A crucial component of our extensive experience comes from prosecuting cases.

Having former prosecutors on your side means that you have a lawyer who understands how prosecutors see a case.

This means your lawyer can anticipate prosecutorial strategies and formulate counter-arguments to render those strategies ineffective.

We also maintain close relationships with the prosecutors we face regularly. Developing and maintaining close, professional relationships gives us credibility with the prosecutors handling your case.

This, in turn, allows us to negotiate with them effectively. That means you have a better chance of reaching a good resolution for your case.

It takes a certain amount of savvy to know when to fight relentlessly and when to pull back.

Fighting for the best possible result for you sometimes means being non-confrontational and approachable rather than antagonistic and combative.

Our criminal defense attorneys in Miamisburg, Ohio are ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Finding the Best Defense for You

We know the difference between a triable case and one where the best defense is not exoneration but mitigation.

In other words, sometimes, your best course of action is going to trial. But sometimes, negotiating a plea bargain is the best strategy.

A good plea bargain can lower your charges down to a less serious offense, defer judgment through probation, or even get your case dismissed.

We determine the best course of action after we comb through the prosecutor’s evidence to find the holes in their case.

We often appraise cases in terms of the following:

  • The strength of the state’s evidence
  • The strength of your evidence
  • Inconsistent witness statements
  • Bogus or fabricated evidence
  • Prosecution witnesses who might not be credible
  • Any police violation of your rights that might form the basis of a motion to suppress evidence
  • A lack of evidence that could justify filing a motion to dismiss the case

These issues are specific to the facts of your case. We can make a proper assessment to help you get a good result.

Protect Your Future with Criminal Defense Lawyers from Miamisburg, OH

The consequences of any criminal conviction are harsh.

Just having an arrest on your record could lead to difficulties landing or keeping a job, finding suitable housing, furthering your education, or even applying for financing.

If you hold a professional license, you must report arrests and convictions to your licensing board. That means you could face professional discipline as well.

A conviction only makes things worse.

Even if the charge is a misdemeanor like a first-time OVI, you could face mandatory jail time, license suspension, probation, and thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

In addition, a conviction for even one minor offense exposes you to stiffer penalties if you have charges in the future.

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