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Fairfield Criminal Defense Lawyers

Trouble can visit anyone at any time. Even the people you would least expect to get in trouble could pick up a DUI charge after one too many at a restaurant or friend’s house. Would you know where to turn if you found yourself accused of a criminal offense?

The Fairfield criminal defense lawyers from Gounaris Abboud, LPA, are accomplished, dedicated, and experienced criminal defense attorneys. We represent you aggressively and pursue justice for you with passion and vigor.

Our knowledgeable Fairfield, Ohio, criminal defense attorneys demonstrate their courtroom skills daily in Fairfield and courts across Ohio. They will fight to protect your rights and give you the best chance of achieving your desired outcome.

The Court in Fairfield is located at 675 Nilles Road in Fairfield. The Judge that presides over this Court is the Honorable Joyce A. Campbell who has been the Judge in Fairfield since 1999.

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Gounaris Abboud’s Award-Winning Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fairfield, OH

Our attorneys work hard to provide our clients with the best outcome possible.

People have noticed our results.

As a result, our dedicated attorneys have won numerous awards and distinctions, including the following:

  • Perfect 10.0 Superb Ratings from Avvo
  • Election as Ohio SuperLawyers
  • Selection as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer from the National Trial Lawyers Association
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars based on client reviews

We are proud that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited our firm. We are extremely proud of the accomplishments and accolades we have received. But we derive our greatest satisfaction from knowing that our clients experience tremendous success with our firm, as you can see from our recent case results.

What Are Some of the Cases Our Fairfield Defense Attorneys Handle?

No case is too large or too small for our criminal defense lawyers.

We represent individuals who face both misdemeanor and felony charges, such as:

This is just a partial list. Our Fairfield criminal defense lawyers have vast experience representing people from all walks of life facing allegations of criminal conduct. Therefore, there is a good chance that we have handled cases that are very similar to yours.

However, we would like you to know that each case is different, and we treat them that way. We rely on our trial experience, courtroom training, and extensive legal knowledge to devise the best defense for your specific facts.

We attribute our success to taking a personalized approach to defending your rights. Sometimes, the best defense might be one we have used before. However, we are always ready to break new ground and try novel arguments when our client’s needs demand a fresh approach.

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Incarceration is not the only consequence of a criminal conviction. Judges have many tools at their disposal to help determine an appropriate sanction for criminal behavior.

Fines, probation, community service, counseling, educational requirements, vocational training, house arrest, or even wearing a GPS device are some of the alternatives to incarceration that a judge can consider. A strong advocate can work to persuade a judge to impose the least restrictive penalty for a conviction instead of imprisonment.

There are other consequences of a conviction as well. A criminal record can severely hinder your ability to get a better job, further, your education, obtain a professional license, live where you want, and apply for financial assistance. You could also face negative immigration consequences if you are not a citizen of the United States.

How Can You Avoid the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction?

Our lawyers are well-known in the legal community as tough but fair. Our attorneys foster strong working relationships with prosecutors. Why? Healthy professional relationships built on trust permit easier negotiations which could lead to better results for you.

However, we are also fierce advocates who are never afraid to take a case to trial if the prosecutor refuses to be reasonable. As former prosecutors, we learned how to fight for justice. We’ve taken those lessons and are now fighting to preserve the rights of people like you.

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