Fighting Your 3rd DUI in Ohio

3rd dui offense in ohio

If you have previously been charged and convicted of a DUI offense in the state of Ohio and around Dayton you already know that you will be heavily punished for your third Ohio DUI offense.

Each subsequent conviction will lead to increased penalties, and eventually, felony charges.

The penalties will be far more severe if authorities allege that you are responsible for a DUI auto accident that has resulted in injuries or death.

If you are facing a third DUI in Ohio, your freedom is truly in jeopardy.

At Gounaris Abboud, LPA, we have a proven track record in defending repeat DUI cases.

We are in the National Advocacy for DUI Defense “Top 100 DUI Attorneys in Ohio” and we are also on The American Society of Legal Advocates list for the “Top 40 Criminal Defense Lawyers Under 40 in Ohio.”

We know what it takes to successfully defend a third Ohio DUI charge, and we will bring our knowledge and experience to the table when we take action for your defense.

OVI Levels in DUI Cases

OVI stands for “operating under the influence.” Ohio uses this term along with the more common DUI (driving under the influence). In Ohio, a criminal court can convict you of OVI if:

  • You are under 21 and your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .02% or greater;
  • You are 21 or older and your BAC is .08% or greater; or
  • You are a commercial driver and your BAC is .04% or greater.

Your number of offenses and your BAC help determine your punishment in OVI cases. While a 3rd DUI conviction is extremely serious, a lower level OVI may produce less drastic punishment than a high OVI conviction.

A low-level OVI means that your BAC is over .08% but less than .17%. A high-level OVI indicates a BAC of .17% or higher. Additionally, if you refuse a chemical test and have a prior OVI within 20 years you will be deemed to have a high-level OVI. 

The conduct of the police officers who determined the BAC, the complex science of breathalyzer reliability, and many other actions determine the validity of an OVI charge. DUI charges are legally problematic, and an attorney should always evaluate them.

Penalties and Consequences of a 3rd DUI Offense in Ohio

If you are convicted of a third offense DUI, the possible penalties are numerous and more severe than those for your 1st or 2nd offense. Consequences may include:

  • A sentence of up to 10 years in jail or prison;
  • Electronic home monitoring;
  • Minimum $850 fine;
  • A suspended license;
  • Limited driving privileges; 
  • An interlock breath device installed in your car;
  • Restricted license plates; and
  • Enrollment in an alcohol or drug addiction program.

A third DUI conviction can negatively impact your life in many ways for a substantial amount of time. Seek legal counsel immediately if you are facing charges.

What Not to Do After Your 3rd DUI Offense in Ohio

Given the serious consequences, you must be very careful about your actions when facing a 3rd DUI. We suggest that you:

  • Contact an attorney;
  • Don’t admit to guilt;
  • Use your right to remain silent as you await your attorney; and
  • Do not drive if you have a restriction already in place (i.e., the court immediately revokes your license).

These simple steps can make a big difference to the outcome of your case.

Other Important Information About Dayton DUI Laws

Experienced DUI Attorneys in Dayton Ohio

If you receive a DUI offense and you have two prior convictions, you are probably very concerned about what will happen to you.

You don’t have to plead guilty and you have the right to call upon a skilled DUI defense attorney in Dayton, OH to take action for you.

As a defendant, you have rights. Our duty is to protect you and fight for any possible advantage.

If I Am Charged with DUI, How Will an Attorney Defend Me?

Being accountable for DUI does not mean you should be without a strong defense. A good criminal defense attorney will seek to:

  • Attempt to have your charges dismissed;
  • Seek to reduce your charges to a lesser offense;
  • Review police conduct to determine if there is a basis to challenge the evidence; and
  • Fight to minimize your sentence.

We are experienced lawyers who will fight for the best possible outcome for you. We know how to defend your rights.

Facing Charges? Choose the Best Lawyer to Represent You!

DUI charges are frightening, embarrassing, and create a risk to your freedom and reputation. Strong legal representation is your right. Our lawyers specialize in DUI cases and have a track record of success. 

Contact Our Lawyers if You Were Charged for Your 3rd DUI Offense in Ohio

Our DUI and OVI lawyers will assess the details of your 3rd Ohio DUI and create a defense geared to seek a favorable outcome, whether a reduced charge, dismissal, lesser penalties, or a positive verdict.

There may have been errors in the administration of field sobriety tests, breath testing, or the DUI blood test that led to your arrest. The police may illegally stop you. There are many areas of your case to analyze, and we urge you to contact our team as soon as possible.

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