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First OVI/DUI Offense Lawyer in Dayton, Ohio

First OVI/DUI Offense Lawyer in Dayton, Ohio

Protect your future from the consequences of a first-time OVI/DUI charge. Contact Gounaris Abboud to fight the charges and help you navigate the legal process.

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DUI lawyers are among the busiest types of criminal and traffic lawyers, given how common DUI/OVI charges are in Dayton and across the state. Those facing charges should know that the consequences of an OVI/DUI conviction can be serious and may include time behind bars. However, an experienced DUI attorney can do much to mitigate the consequences and even get your charges reduced or dropped, especially if you are a first-time offender.

At Gounaris Abboud, we fight to safeguard the future of our first-time offender clients in Dayton and throughout Ohio. We understand how deeply an OVI conviction can affect an individual’s future, so we mount a robust defense for every client. If you are facing DUI/OVI charges for the first time, let a first DUI offense lawyer from our team fight for you.

Understanding First Offenses OVI in Dayton, Ohio

You can be charged with a first DUI or OVI offense if you operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher.

The charge of first offense DUI, listed in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) , is the most common alcohol-related motor vehicle charge in the state of Ohio and comes with significant potential penalties and consequences.

Regarding BAC limits, a per se DUI exists when a person’s BAC is above the legal limit. There need be no visible impairment of the driver in order for a law enforcement officer to arrest a driver with a BAC of .08% or higher.

Are You Facing OVI/DUI Offense Charges inDayton, OH?

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Types of First OVI Offenses


Standard OVI

This is the most common OVI charge for first-time offenders with a BAC of .08% or higher. It leads to a DUI arrest and charges on your record and serious penalties, which depend on the existence of aggravating circumstances.


High Tier OVI

In Ohio, first-time DUI offenders can be charged with a high tier DUI when their BAC is substantially above the legal limit. A high tier OVI comes with harsher punishments than a standard DUI charge.


Underage OVI

Underage drivers have lower BAC thresholds than adults. If an underage driver tests at or above 0.02%, they can be charged with OVI and face time behind bars, even if it’s their first time.


Commercial Driver OVI

For commercial drivers, the threshold is lowered to 0.04%. BACs at this level or higher result in a DUI charge as well as severe license consequences that affect drivers’ livelihoods. In Ohio, a DUI remains on a person’s record for their entire life.


School Bus Driver OVI

School bus drivers have a lowered BAC threshold of 0.04%. Bus drivers found to have BACs at or above this level face charges, loss of license, and loss of passenger endorsement. This, in turn, leads to negative employment consequences in the future.


OVI with Drugs

OVI may not involve alcohol at all. Instead, drugs may be the reason for the impairment. If arrested for OVI with drugs, the defendant will also likely face drug charges.


Refusal to Test

Refusing to submit to a chemical test is a violation of the implied consent law in Ohio. It can lead to serious consequences, including a driver’s license suspension. If an officer stops someone and they fail to consent, the officer is required to warn them of the consequences of failing to submit to a chemical test.

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BAC Limits in Ohio

Driver’s Age BAC Limit
21 and Older (Standard) 0.08% or higher
Under 21 0.02% to 0.07%
Commercial Drivers 0.04% or higher
School Bus Drivers 0.04% or higher
High Tier BAC (21 and Older) 0.17% or higher

First-Time OVI Penalties

First-time offenders face various penalties for a conviction of DUI/OVI. License suspension is uniformly applied in OVI cases, even for first-time offenders, and jail time or time in prison may be possible.

Type of Penalty Standard First OVI High Tier First OVI Underage First OVI
Fine Up to $1,075 Up to $1,075 Up to $250
Jail Time 3 days to 6 months 6 days to 6 months Up to 30 days
License Suspension 1 to 3 years 1 to 3 years 90 days to 2 years
Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Optional (Judge’s discretion) Mandatory (minimum 6 months) Mandatory (minimum 6 months)
Alcohol or Drug Assessment Required Required Required
Driver’s Intervention Program Required Required Required
Yellow License Plates (Party Plates) Possible Possible Possible
Vehicle Forfeiture Not typically Not typically Not typically
Probation Up to 5 years Up to 5 years Up to 5 years

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How Our OVIAttorneys Can Help After a First OVI/DUI


Legal Mastery

Our team of legal professionals is backed by years of training and experience. With us, you get attorneys who meticulously dismantle prosecutors’ cases and build strong effective defenses to protect their clients.


Mitigating Penalties

Our defense includes efforts to reduce or mitigate the penalties you are facing, including fines, jail time, and license suspensions.


Tailored Defense

We have never seen two cases that were identical. For this reason, we go to the necessary lengths to tailor the services we offer to each individual client. Doing so allows us to be more effective, responsive, and empathetic.


Navigating Legal Complexity

We understand the nuances found in Ohio’s OVI laws and use them to the benefit of our clients. You never have to worry about fully understanding the legal jargon. We handle and explain everything.


Expert Negotiation

Negotiation is our strong point. We make deals that protect our clients from the worst of the outcomes. Depending on the circumstances, reduced charges, alternative sentencing, or dismissal may be available.


Protection of Your Rights

At the end of the day, we are here to safeguard your rights. We thoroughly analyze the facts of your case to ensure that all police action occurred in compliance with the Constitution and other relevant laws.


Courtroom Advocacy

If your case goes to trial, you can count on Gounaris Abboud to vigorously represent you before the judge and jury. Although most cases never make it to trial, some must.


Consequence Mitigation

If you are convicted of a first-time DUI, you will also face significant collateral damage to your life, such as driver’s license suspension, installation of an ignition interlock device, and employment issues. Our team can help mitigate these consequences.

Why ChooseGounaris Abboud for Defense?

Choosing Gounaris Abboud to defend you against your first OVI offense means choosing a firm with the attributes necessary to properly represent defendants, such as:

Proven Success

Proven Success

Our track record demonstrates the competency of our OVI lawyers in securing the most optimal outcomes for our first OVI/DUI charge clients. In some cases, complete dismissal is a possibility.
Renowned Expertise

Renowned Expertise

Super Lawyers, the National Trial Lawyers, and other industry groups have recognized our lawyers as top DUI defense advocates for the service they have provided to members of the Dayton and Ohio communities.
Personalized Service

Personalized Service

We don't believe in cookie-cutter defenses. You get the one-on-one treatment that your case deserves at Gounaris Abboud. Our team listens and develops defense strategies specifically created to address the issues in your case.
Uncompromising Advocacy

Uncompromising Advocacy

We fight hard for your freedom and do what we can to reduce the negative consequences a charge of this nature may have on your life. DUI cases can bring serious repercussions. However, an experienced DUI lawyer can help.
Round-the-Clock Availability

Round-the-Clock Availability

Our commitment to being available 24/7 for free consultations means that you are never alone during this challenging time. We respond to client concerns around the clock and every day of the year.
Hear What Our <span class="subtitle">Clients Are Saying</span>

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Attorney Nick Gounaris handled my case and he did a wonderful job. I am very pleased with this law firm. I have never been in the situation I found myself in ever before and it was scary and confusing, but Nick and his staff were wonderful with answering my many questions and they were very sympathetic and understanding, always quick to respond when I would call. I am happy with the outcome of my case. If you find yourself in a situation that needs legal help, these are the guys to call!
Melinda Q.
I thought I was in a no win situation until I met these gentleman. They are smart, aggressive, dedicated, connected and CAN GET THE JOB DONE.
James O.
They did absolutely everything possible to help reduce the sentence and charges faced. They both put their heart into their work and care like nobody else.
Karis F.
“They both put their heart into their work and care like nobody else I have ever encountered in the legal system.”
Karis F.
They did absolutely everything possible to help reduce the sentence and charges faced. The fees for their services were worth every cent and superior to any public defendant representation. They both put their hearts into their work and care like nobody else I have ever encountered in the legal system.
Melinda Q.
I have never been in the situation I found myself in ever before and it was scary and confusing, but Nick and his staff were wonderful with answering my questions.
Melinda Q.
I found Gounaris and Abboud through good online reviews. Mr. Abboud handled my cases very professionally for two years. He truly takes his cases to heart and cares about his clients. He keeps you informed and has all the answers to all your questions. You really feel safe with Mr. Abboud as your lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing professional family law representation.
Patty M.
“I felt a sense of peace and confidence when I met Tony. He has given me undivided attention in our appointments together.”
Sarah B.
Having my wife find herself in a legal situation which required top notch representation, we were introduced to Nick Gounaris of the firm Gounaris, Denslow and Abboud. Throughout the process, Nick provided us with not only his professional law expertise, but also continual reassurance that we would receive a very positive outcome. Nick went above and beyond in advising us regarding our case. We cannot thank Nick enough for his encouragement, truthfulness and belief in my wife. We give Nick and his firm 5 stars. If anyone is in the need of legal representation, the firm of Gounaris, Denslow and Abboud is the only choice.
Todd M.
I have endured some incredible hard times in my life for the past two years and when I contacted Nick for legal advice he was very responsive,professional,caring and considerate he gave me the best advice and the outcome for my legal situation he is exactly what I desired as a client the best attorney I could find to help me and my unique situation. The professionalism and caring and compassion that comes from the firm Gounaris Denslow Addoud firm is beyond outstanding if you had a million stars to give this lawyer and his legal team at his firm I would do it shining and smiling for each and every one of them! I highly recommend this law firm you will be very pleased with how you are treated as a client! This law firm is packed with superheros that always give a 120% to their clients!
Throughout the legal process Tony Abboud provided me with not only his professional expertise in law, a reassuring shoulder to lean on when my optimism had reached all time lows. Tony went above and beyond in advising and informing me of the potentials in my case.
Mike Rowe
Jeremiah Denslow and Tony Abboud get results. I thought I was in a no win situation until I met these gentleman. They are smart, aggressive, dedicated, connected and CAN GET THE JOB DONE. I would recommend them to anyone. They handled my case with the utmost care and kept me informed throughout the process. A huge THANK YOU!
James Olsen
Nick represented us recently and helped us obtain a favorable outcome for our case.. He did some research and then presented a couple of strategies for us to consider. He was right on with his recommendation and we achieved the best possible result in court. Nick was very professional and approachable.
The managing of my case was flawless and I will continue to recommend Gounaris Abboud, LPA to anyone who thinks there is nowhere else to turn.
Brandon Howard

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Can I refuse a breathalyzer or field sobriety test during a first OVI stop in Ohio?

It is your right to refuse to submit to a breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. The problem with doing so, however, is that Ohio is an implied consent state. All drivers who use Ohio roads have legally given consent to be tested. Failure to submit results in an automatic suspension of your license and potential consequences in a criminal case.

How long will a first OVI conviction stay on my criminal record in Ohio?

In most cases, a person convicted of OVI will have a permanent DUI conviction on their record. In some cases, however, expungement is possible after a certain time period has passed.

Is it possible to get my first OVI charge reduced or dismissed?

Yes. getting a charge dismissal or reduction is possible in Ohio. Much depends on the circumstances of your case as well as whether you have an experienced lawyer representing you. A skilled attorney knows how to negotiate favorable outcomes for their clients. The sooner a defendant contacts their attorney, the more favorable the outcome in many cases.

Will I lose my driver's license if I'm charged with a first OVI in Ohio?

With a first-time conviction for OVI, you can expect to have your driver’s license suspended. You may also have your license suspended when you are arrested if you refuse to submit to a breathalyzer test or you fail one. The length of the suspension often depends on BAC at the time of the arrest.

Should I get a lawyer for my first DUI?

It is strongly recommended that you hire legal representation to defend you. An experienced DUI lawyer will know the most optimal strategies for your defense. Additionally, your attorney will devote proper resources to your DUI case to help ensure that you are adequately represented. They will also fight to reduce the impact your case has on your future by seeking alternative sentencing, a reduced plea, or a charge dismissal.