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Miamisburg DUI Lawyers

Law enforcement officers in Miamisburg are tough on alleged drunk drivers. True drunk driving is a danger to the public.

However, zealous and aggressive police officers looking for impaired motorists have been known to overstep legal boundaries and intrude on people’s rights.

If you have OVI or DWI charges in Ohio, you can fight back with the seasoned DUI lawyers from Gounaris Abboud, LPA.

Why Trust Gounaris Abboud with Your DUI Defense?

We understand the situation you face.

Our award-winning attorneys have earned their excellent reputation in the legal community by vigorously representing clients and giving them the best shot at a good outcome.

Our proven track record of success bears that out. We have a combined 50-plus years of experience fighting legal battles in courtrooms across Ohio.

So when you put us on your team, our Miamisburg, Ohio, DUI lawyers are with you at every step of the process—serving as your trusted advocates, sworn to protect your rights.

Ohio’s DUI Law

Section 4511.19 of the Ohio Revised Code delineates two theories for bringing a DUI charge.

Primarily, Ohio outlaws operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) of an intoxicating substance.

OVI entails operating a vehicle when alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both compromises your ability to drive safely.

Impairment Indicators

To prove you guilty of OVI, the prosecutor will use the evidence collected by the police.

This evidence can include the following:

  • Your driving pattern
  • Your performance on field sobriety tests
  • The occurrence of an accident (even if it’s not your fault)
  • Slurring your speech
  • Your ability to understand and follow simple directions
  • Whether you emit the scent of an alcoholic beverage

Other pieces of evidence include bloodshot or watery eyes, apparent confusion or inability to focus, and incoherent speech.

If an officer observes such indicators, they often conclude that alcohol, drugs, or both, contributed to your inability to operate a vehicle safely.

Per Se Law

Secondly, Ohio’s DUI law prohibits driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or greater. Subsection 4511.19 is more popularly known as Ohio’s “per se” law.

The prosecutor does not have to show any evidence of impairment to prove you guilty under this theory of OVI.

They only have to prove that your test results were 0.08% or greater, as shown by a reliable test lawfully administered by a qualified individual.

Chemical tests for OVI include whole blood, serum blood, breathalyzer tests, and urine.

DUI Convictions Carry Severe Consequences

Even if you have no prior criminal history, you face jail time, hefty fines, and mandatory license suspension if you get convicted.

The jail time for a first-time DUI offender in Ohio is a minimum of 72 hours, but the judge could incarcerate you for up to six months.

They could also impose over $1,000 in fines and fees and suspend your license for up to three years.

The judge could choose to suspend the 72-hour minimum jail period, put you in a community control program, and order you to attend driver training classes instead of jail.

Subsequent offenders receive harsher punishments, including longer mandatory jail sentences.

What Can Our DUI Attorneys from Miamisburg Do for You?

Each OVI case is unique. Although our lawyers have represented hundreds of clients over the years, we see little nuances in every case that distinguish one DUI charge from another.

As they say, the devil is in the details. As your Miamisburg DUI lawyers, we burrow deeply into your case in search of the smallest details that could help us develop a strong defense strategy.

Our search for helpful bits of information often starts with an overview of the basic requirements of a DUI charge.

We thoroughly analyze your case to look for the following:

  • Weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence
  • Inconsistencies contained within the police narrative
  • Violations of your privacy rights, such as your right to remain free from unreasonable searches and your right to remain silent
  • Flaws in scientific testing that lead to inaccurate BAC readings
  • Incorrectly prescribing and analyzing field sobriety tests
  • Potential eyewitness testimony that could be favorable to you

Few DUI cases involve all of the possible defense strategies we’ve outlined. However, we will look for every available line of defense to preserve your rights and freedom.

Your Hearing at the Miamisburg Municipal Court

For a DUI charge, the first appearance in the Miamisburg Municipal Court, the arraignment, is mandatory.

Having a knowledgeable Miamisburg DUI lawyer by your side during your hearing will prove to be a positive tool when pursuing a favorable outcome.

You do not want to go into the courtroom unprepared. Schedule a free initial case evaluation for your DUI case by contacting us!

If you’ve been arrested or cited with a DUI/OVI in Miamisburg, you will be required to appear in the Miamisburg Municipal Court located at 10 North First Street, Miamisburg, Ohio.

The Court serves over 80,000 citizens and any citations from the City of Germantown, West Carrollton, Miami Township and German Township will also be heard in the Miamisburg Court.

There is one Judge (Alyse Rettich) and one Magistrate (Jeff Slyman) in the Miamisburg Municipal Court.

Aggressive Defense from Miamisburg DUI Lawyers

A DUI conviction in Ohio can have serious consequences for you and your family.

So contact us right away by completing our online contact form or by calling 937-729-3863 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Our DUI lawyers are members of the Ohio SuperLawyers registry and the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers Guild.

Our experience and skill could be all that stands between you and an uncertain future.

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