"Hire Tony immediately. Do not look any further."

5.0 stars

Posted by Rose H.

Anthony Abboud is fantastic. I had a very serious traffic infraction. I found Tony on my mobile iPhone search, and he called me back within 30 minutes. He asked details, told me what he could and could not do. I appreciate that he did not make any false promises. We agreed on the phone to his retainer. I do not live in Dayton. I was very frightened. Tony told me not to worry and get some sleep. He reassured me of his ability to get me through the ordeal. Seven weeks later he called me & said that my original serious charge was reduced. I had to pay a fine; that was it! It was over. If you are searching for someone to help you, hire Tony immediately. Do not look any further. He is the lawyer who will fight for you. Tony and his entire staff are awesome. Do not hesitate to hire this Dream Team lawyer. I am going to hire him for another unrelated matter in my family b/c of his professionalism. I am convinced he will get me positive results & restore some broken relationships. Based on what he did for me, he undoubtedly has the respect of the judges and lawyers. They like him too. If money is the issue, then find a way to pay him b/c he will not waste a dime of your fees.

"I am very pleased with this law firm."

5.0 stars

Posted by Melinda Q.

Attorney Nick Gounaris handled my case and he did a wonderful job. I am very pleased with this law firm. I have never been in the situation I found myself in ever before and it was scary and confusing, but Nick and his staff were wonderful with answering my many questions and they were very sympathetic and understanding, always quick to respond when I would call. I am happy with the outcome of my case. If you find yourself in a situation that needs legal help, these are the guys to call!

"Lawyer aka Super Hero!"

5.0 stars

Posted by Melinda

I have endured some incredible hard times in my life for the past two years and when I contacted Nick for legal advice he was very responsive, professional, caring and considerate he gave me the best advice and the outcome for my legal situation he is exactly what I desired as a client the best attorney I could find to help me and my unique situation. The professionalism and caring and compassion that comes from the firm Gounaris Denslow Addoud firm is beyond outstanding if you had a million stars to give this lawyer and his legal team at his firm I would do it shining and smiling for each and every one of them! I highly recommend this law firm you will be very pleased with how you are treated as a client! This law firm is packed with superheroes that always give a 120% to their clients!

"Nick Gounaris is quite frankly the best attorney in Dayton, Ohio."

5.0 stars

Posted by Brandon Howard

For anyone reading the reviews on Nick Gounaris and the inability to reach him.... For starters, he and his partner Anthony Abboud are literally AMAZING attorneys and have both been in the criminal defense side of law for quite some time, in addition, my attorney now Nick Gounaris is quite frankly the best attorney in Dayton, Ohio. Hands down. He actually was not even the attorney I researched and hired. I researched Jeremiah Denslow and hired him. The best thing that ever happened to me, in regards to my well being, was Jeremiah Denslow leaving the firm. The circumstances surrounding his departure are unclear and really I don't care because Nick Gounaris knew the facts of my case better than Jeremiah ever did. Period. Although it may be difficult at times to reach Nick, you can be rest assured he is working diligently to obtain the best possible outcome for you. I was facing 25 years over multiple charges that were absolutely unjust. He was able to get the charges reduced to a TRESPASS with probation. In Greene County this is simply unheard of. Anyone who has any common sense will realize that when a partner leaves a firm, that caseload is then put on the back of someone else that already has their own cases, Nick took over for Jeremiah seamlessly. The managing of my case was flawless and I will continue to recommend Gounaris Abboud, LPA to anyone who thinks there is nowhere else to turn. I also wanted to add a few more things that are very important for you fellow GOOGLERS. When you hire this firm, you not only have one attorney fighting for you. Anthony Abboud is also an outstanding attorney, if you would like to know their credentials simply call and ask! The staff is just as knowledgeable as the attorneys themselves. We are all on first name basis and that shows me they care about me and my future! I have had Rion&Rion, Patrick Mulligan and Mark Babb. These are all "Super Lawyers", not one of them handled my case at the time nearly as professionally as Gounaris Abboud. THIS IS THE MOST VALUABLE PIECE OF INFORMATION I CAN GIVE YOU> I asked Nick to take over my 90 year old grandfathers' will because it was not a legal document. I took it last year to one of the attorneys office mentioned above. $1000.00 for a will to be legalized and signed. My grandfather obviously is on a very fixed income, Nick Gounaris literally WOULD NOT accept a dollar for drawing up that will. The will also had to be completely re-written and changed due to legality issues. This man set up a free meeting just to make the adjustments and arranged it so my grandfather would not even have to make another trip back. When you look into a company, you want to look for someone that will go "ABOVE AND BEYOND", if this does not fit that direct description I really don't know what does. If you personally care about your future, give this law firm a call! They really work for you. The most important thing to me is that you WILL NOT have random attorneys showing up for court dates that you've never met. Obviously there are not enough great things I can say about Nick, he quite frankly ROCKS!!

"You really feel safe with Mr Abboud as your lawyer."

5.0 stars

Posted by Patty Monge

I found Gounaris Denslow Abboud through good online reviews. Mr Abboud handled my cases very professionally for two years. He truly takes his cases to heart and care about his clients. He keep you informed and has all the answers to all your questions. You really feel safe with Mr Abboud as your lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing professional family law representation.

"We would highly recommend this law firm."

5.0 stars

Posted by Shirley Fosnot

March 2015

Having no past experience with legal needs, searching for an attorney was a daunting task. We were fortunate to locate Gounaris Denlsow Abboud, Co. LPA on the internet of recommended lawyers for custody cases. We would highly recommend this law firm and especially Mr. Abboud. Tony Abboud was highly professional, detailed, and consistently available to us.

"I recommend Tony Abboud to anyone who wants to fight for what they believe in."

5.0 stars

Posted by Sarah Byrge

March 2015

During a tumultuous time, as I am sure most custody/visitation cases are, I hired Tony Abboud as my lawyer. I instantly felt a sense of peace and confidence when I met Tony and discussed the issues at hand. He has given me undivided attention during our scheduled appointments and has returned all of my phone calls and emails. In addition, Tony has kept me informed of any changes or new events in a timely manner. In court, I experienced an elated sense of joy witnessing his defensive skills and attention to detail at work. I felt that he was truly on my side! Tony is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I respect his opinion as a professional and appreciated his feedback for proper course of action. He provided comprehensive research and included past case studies and laws to back up the issues we faced. I felt a sense of loyalty and trust from the time I met him. I recommend Tony Abboud to anyone who wants to fight for what they believe in.

"Antony Abboud is an excellent attorney

5.0 stars

Posted by A Google User

March 2015

Antony Abboud is an excellent attorney. He is very knowledgeable and professional as well as personable. He was reassuring, yet honest about the situation. He never gave up on our son's case and went above and beyond to get the best possible result. He successfully got our son qualified for ILC (intervention in lieu of conviction) by getting drug charges reduced and fought to get him accepted into the program. We were so fortunate to find this law firm. Highly recommend Antony Abboud.

"I cannot thank Tony enough."

5.0 stars

Posted by Mike Rowe

March 2014

Having found myself in a legal situation which required top notch representation, I was introduced to Tony Abboud of the firm Gounaris, Denslow and Abboud. Throughout the legal process Tony Abboud provided me with not only his professional expertise in law, but a reassuring shoulder to lean on when my optimism had reached all time lows. Tony went above and beyond in advising and informing me of the potentials in my case. Needless to say his predicted outcome in my matter surfaced with positive results. I cannot thank Tony enough for his encouragement, truthfulness and belief in me when it counted the most. I give Tony as well as his partners in the firm 5 stars and would certainly give them five more if I could. If anyone is in the need of legal representation the firm of Gounaris, Denslow and Abboud should be your only choice. God bless you Tony as well as your family this upcoming holiday season. You certainly have given me and my family the opportunity to enjoy the holidays even more. From the bottom of my heart I "thank you" for all you done for me. Mike Rowe

"They handled my case with the utmost care."

5.0 stars

Posted by James Olsen

Jeremiah Denslow and Tony Abboud get results. I thought I was in a no win situation until I met these gentleman. They are smart, aggressive, dedicated, connected and CAN GET THE JOB DONE. I would recommend them to anyone. They handled my case with the utmost care and kept me informed throughout the process. A huge THANK YOU!

"Nick went above and beyond in advising us regarding our case."

5.0 stars

Posted by Todd Mauer

Having my wife find herself in a legal situation which required top notch representation, we were introduced to Nick Gounaris of the firm Gounaris, Denslow and Abboud. Throughout the process, Nick provided us with not only his professional law expertise, but also continual reassurance that we would receive a very positive outcome. Nick went above and beyond in advising us regarding our case. We cannot thank Nick enough for his encouragement, truthfulness and belief in my wife. We give Nick and his firm 5 stars. If anyone is in the need of legal representation, the firm of Gounaris, Denslow and Abboud is the only choice. Todd and Tris Mauer

"Great lawyer!"

5.0 stars

Posted by a Domestic Violence client

Hired Nick when I was in a pinch and didn't know where to go on a DV case. He listened and was extremely helpful. He answered every question I had during a very trying time. He was able to get me an acceptable result. I would recommend him to everyone.

"Many thanks!"

5.0 stars

Posted by Jim

Nick represented us recently and helped us obtain a favorable outcome for our case.. He did some research and then presented a couple of strategies for us to consider. He was right on with his recommendation and we achieved the best possible result in court. Nick was very professional and approachable.

"I recommend this firm without hesitation."

5.0 stars

Posted by Cheryl Pichler

A legal problem was a new situation for our family. We floundered around because our son was innocent; we thought the situation would resolve itself and that only made things worse. I did some internet research and found Gounaris, Denslow, and Abboud. After a few interactions, we hired Jeremiah Denslow, that was when things began to turn around for our son. Everyone we have dealt with at this firm has been professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and kind. Jeremiah went beyond our expectations; he not only took care of our son's legal defense, he also helped keep us calm when we thought this would never end. I know that Jeremiah was only doing his job, but I truly believe that he is a big part of the reason things ended so well for my son. I recommend this firm without hesitation.

"I only make recommendations when I receive stellar support, and I can highly recommend Mr. Denslow."

5.0 stars

Posted by Sherree Etter

The legal support provided to me by Jeremiah Denslow surpassed my expectations. He and his staff were responsive to my every inquiry, which is service not commonly provided by other firms. He was professional, knowledgeable, and kept me informed, ensuring I understood what was happening every step of the way. I only make recommendations when I receive stellar support, and I can highly recommend Mr. Denslow.

"My experience with Nick was the best experience I have ever had with a Lawyer."

5.0 stars

Posted by Dave

My experience with Nick was the best experience I have ever had with a Lawyer. He was extremely knowledgeable and he really cared about us as clients. He was available to discuss our case whenever I called and he didn't rush us around, he took the time to explain everything and the outcome in court was the best case scenario, not the worst. Nick fought for us and won. It's not everyday that you come across someone who is as knowledgeable about the law and is actually sincere about wanting you to have the best outcome. I give him my highest recommendation. He is the real deal. Thank you Nick!

"Nick is exactly who you're looking for."

5.0 stars

Posted by a DUI & DWI client

When I was at my worst and had no idea what to do, Nick was there to reassure me and work his hardest to help me pull through. He was concerned and attentive from the first time I met him, and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. If you need him, he is there, and he will be honest yet persistent with your case. I appreciate every bit of work he did, and every bit of kindness he showed me and my family. I would highly recommend Mr. Gounaris to anyone.

"Great OVI Representation in Dayton!"

5.0 stars

Posted by Jon

Tony Abboud provided great legal representation in a recent OVI case. After carefully listening to the details of the case and his clients needs, he fulfilled his role by providing excellent service in all phases of the case. He explains the reasons behind each legal event or decision, and fights for the best result for his client!

"Very professional and very helpful."

5.0 stars

Posted by a client

Mr. Abboud will go out of his way to keep his clients informed and their minds at ease. I highly recommend his services if you are in need. I have no regrets after seeking his council.

"I recommend Nichola Gounaris."

5.0 stars

Posted by Carlos

Mr. Gounaris was appointed to me by the Federal Court in Dayton, Ohio. I was charged with a crime with a 10 year minimum sentence if I went to trial. He was able to work out a global deal between the U.S. Attorney's office and my co-defendants and myself. My plea deal called for a sentence of approximately 3 years. His impeccable representation of my character during the case got me a 2 year flat sentence. He was able to keep me out of jail (from 10/08 - 4/10), got me my vehicle returned to me and got me off house arrest. All this without me having any knowledge of any additional people that could be prosecuted. Because of the advice given to me by Nicholas Gounaris, the final outcome of my case is better than what it could have been and much better than what my family and I expected. I recommend Nicholas Gounaris for his knowledge, integrity and reputation!

Review for Nick Gounaris

5.0 stars

Posted by Marcia

I am a new client to Nick. But he has been very responsive to all of my needs and had kept me very informed. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal help in any way.

"An Outstanding Lawyer!"

5.0 stars

Posted by Terri

Mr. Gounaris defended my husband and me in a malicious lawsuit. We are business people that are natural targets for lawsuits, but this one was particularly disturbing because the plaintiff filed false claims and claimed millions in damages. Nick did a brilliant job. Just as important to me, he explained the procedures so I could understand, he listened with compassion and made me feel at ease and confident that justice would be served. He knows and honors the law. I would proudly recommend him.

"The Best In Dayton!"

5.0 stars

Posted by Roger

I have utilized Nick Gounaris' professional services several times over the last seven years, and have to say he is simply the best there is in the Dayton area.

And if you are looking for an attorney who will thoroughly and aggressively defend your case, look no further. (I, personally, wouldn't want to take one step into a court room without him by my side.)

When it matters most to you and your family, choose Nick Gounaris!

"Terrific Lawyer with great results!"

5.0 stars

Posted by a DUI & DWI client

I've used Tony for a number of cases and he's not only qualified but he's very responsive to my questions and has provided me outstanding results!