Man Extradited from Iraq Declared Dead by Cincinnati Officials

The first person to ever be extradited out of Iraq to come to the United States on charges of federal crime violations, Mr. Metin Atilan, has been declared dead by Cincinnati officials. The details of his death have not been given to the public. The only other information regarding his passing is that officials claim he was found alongside a deceased woman, possibly hinting at foul play.

The Interesting Backstory of Mr. Atilan

Atilan was first implicated in criminal activities while serving as a United States Department of Defense contractor back in the late 2000s. While his office was headquartered in Las Vegas, federal agents arrested him for charges related to bribery, fraud, and assault on an officer of a federal agency. He would eventually be convicted and get a reduced sentence of just 30 months imprisonment due to his service to the country; the usual sentence could have been 5 years minimum.

However, Atilan managed to remove an electronic tracking bracelet soon after his last scheduled detention hearing. He escaped the country on an unknown date. Records would later reveal that he managed to travel quite extensively with a fake passport. It is believed that he moved through the United States and into Mexico before finding his way to Brazil. From there, he hopscotched around various countries, including the United Emirates, Turkey, Lebanon, and eventually Iraq.

When word of his arrival in Iraq reached the United States, an extradition request was submitted. It would be the first time the U.S. ever asked for extradition from Iraq. As a sign of goodwill, Iraqi officials cooperated fully and detained Atilan while U.S. officials completed the process of extradition.

He had been close to completing all sentencing requirements when he was found deceased by Cincinnati officials. It is not certain if further investigations will be conducted, or if his cause of death will be released. Attorney Nicholas Gounaris of Gounaris Abboud, LPA has since worked with Atilan’s family to file a motion requesting his passport, which would help his family return his remains to his home country of Turkey.

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