Possible Changes to Ohio Gun Laws on the Horizon

Tighter gun control laws in Ohio could potentially be on the horizon if a recent push by certain state lawmakers should gain enough traction. Earlier this year, then-Democratic Senate Candidate PG Sittenfeld joined activists in calling for an amendment to the Ohio state constitution which would give local governments the authority to impose gun control restrictions that are stricter than state law.

The amendment seeks to overturn a 2006 state law which overturned gun ordinances in more than 20 different cities throughout the state, including particularly restrictive bans on assault weapons in both Columbus and Cleveland. The law was upheld in 2010 by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Sittenfeld, who has since lost his senate bid to frontrunner Ted Strickland, has continued to push for this restriction in pursuit of the necessary signatures needed to place the measure on the state ballot. “This is about restoring a right to [the people of Ohio] that the legislature should never have taken away,” Sittenfeld commented at a Statehouse news conference. Additionally, the initiative has gained the support of numerous other key players, including the founder of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, the co-founder of God Before Guns, and others.

Why Is This Significant?

If passed, this law could expose thousands of lawful gun owners to potentially severe criminal consequences if found in possession of a banned firearm in a restricted area. Possession of a prohibited firearm is a fifth degree felony in the state of Ohio and can carry the following penalties upon conviction:

  • Up to a year in prison
  • Exorbitant fines
  • Probation
  • Firearm forfeiture

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