Treating Minor Burn Injuries at Home

Burns are wounds which are sustained due to exposure to extreme temperatures. Burns can be minor and easily treated or severe and potentially life threatening. It is essential that burns are treated quickly so as to prevent infection and reduce what could amount to challenging levels of pain.

If you experience a minor burn in the home, use the following steps to begin the healing process and reduce pain:

  • Remove any clothing or jewelry which may be limiting a burn’s ability to breathe.

  • Rinse the burn with cool water.

  • Gently wash the burn taking care not to damage any sensitive blisters which may form.

  • Apply an antibiotic cream and nonstick bandage.

  • Follow up and clean the wound regularly.

  • Apply aloe vera or similar moisturizing agent regularly.

  • If pain is severe, consider using an over the counter NSAID medication.

  • Contact a medical professional to ensure your burn is receiving proper treatment.

In many cases, burns may be sustained because of normal daily activities such as cooking. If however, a burn was caused to the improper function of a consumer product such as a grill, it may be useful to contact a local personal injury lawyer who will be able to assist you with filing a claim which could help you to recover any losses sustained due to your injury. Pursuing damages could help you bring closure to a complex and trying situation.

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