Five Questions to Ask Your Potential DUI Attorney

The right DUI attorney is foundational to the success of your case. Most prosecutors have years of experience putting people away for drunk driving and to combat this, you need an aggressive attorney on your side. But with so many options, how can you feel confident in the choice you make?

The key is in asking the right questions. Certain questions can tell you a lot about your potential attorney and whether they're a good fit. After all, your fate is in their hands, so it pays to research. Below you'll find five questions that can help you select the most qualified lawyer for your case.

How much experience do you have defending DUI charges?

The last thing you need is an attorney who knows nothing about DUI defense. The number of years they've spent on the job will tell you a lot about their knowledge, experience, and even success. Don't be afraid to walk away from an underqualified lawyer.

What is your track record for winning cases?

Just like athletes want a coach who is known for making it to the championships, you want an attorney with a reputation for attaining outstanding results. Be direct and ask for a clear cut answer about wins and losses. You can also inquire about their success at trial, as well.

How strong is my case?

One of the most pressing questions for DUI offenders should be answered by a lawyer before they take your case. Ask for honesty, because an insincere answer only sets you up for disappointment.

Will I be working with you directly?

Many attorneys choose to pass their clients off to a paralegal, secretary, or even another associate at the firm. Find out if the attorney you're consulting with will be the person representing you throughout your case.

How much will this cost?

It's no secret that legal representation can be expensive, but not all attorneys charge exorbitant fees. Ask about their billing method and the services included in the total fee. Simply being up front about pricing is the best way to avoid surprises later down the line.

It is always better to ask too many questions than not enough, especially over something as consequential as DUI representation. Our firm is proud to bring over fifty years of combined experience to every case and has been awarded numerous times for our success. Get in touch with our Dayton DUI lawyer to schedule your free consultation right away!

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