Safe Driving Tips for the Holidays and Wintertime

Thanksgiving might be behind us but the holiday season is only just beginning. Up here in Ohio, that means snow in the sky and ice on the roads for many people, especially as the winter progresses beyond the New Year. If you regularly commute or if you have a road trip planned to see your loved ones, the way could be hazardous. Keep in mind these useful driving tips to help you avoid dangerous car accidents caused by adverse weather conditions.

  1. Drive only when necessary: If you have errands to run, see if you can get them done all at once so you are leaving your home less often. Better still, if you can put off your task until things warm up or the roads are salted, do so.
  2. Give people space: Even the best drivers out there are reduced to rookies when highways get slick with ice. Slowdown, don’t tailgate, and expect other motorists to have trouble handling their car to allow yourself time and space to maneuver safely if they do.
  3. Control the slide: In the unfortunate yet common event of your vehicle sliding on ice, you can take steps to control and correct it. Take your foot off the gas and brakes, and steer in slow, smooth motions towards the direction you want to be heading. With some luck and concentration, you could straighten out and avoid a collision.
  4. Get unstuck: Staying still in the snow is not exactly an ideal situation, either, and your vehicle can easily get stuck in a snowbank if you leave it unattended at the wrong place at the wrong time. To help free your car from such a situation, you can use cat litter or salt on the tires to gain traction and melt the ice. Additionally, if you have tire chains, practice putting them on correctly in a parking lot before your big trip to more treacherous roads.
  5. Drive responsibly: Many people get caught up in the holiday merriment of being with their friends and family and forget that drinking and driving is a major problem this time of year. Law enforcement agencies often refer to the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day as DUI Season, the number of incidents spikes so greatly. If you have had a few eggnogs or hard ciders, please remember to take the time to sober up, for your safety and your finances.

With all of the precaution in the world and the best laid plans, things can go awry. If you do get caught up in a car accident or arrested for a DUI this winter, don’t let worry spoil your holidays. Instead, you should team up with Gounaris Abboud, LPA and our Dayton personal injury and DUI lawyers. We have decades of combined experience helping people seek compensation and defend their rights; in a way, this makes us a one-stop law firm for most people during the holiday season.

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