How is Fair Market Value of a Vehicle Determined?

The insurance company will try to find vehicles comparable to the vehicle you owned and determine the price at which these vehicles sold on the open market. There are resources on the Internet that can assist you in determining the fair market value of your vehicle. and Kelly Bluebook ( are good resources to get an idea of the value of your vehicle. Also, be sure you document any after-market additions or accessories that were added to your vehicle, as these items may increase the fair market value of your vehicle.

There is room to negotiate as well. If items were damaged or destroyed in your vehicle, get an itemization of these items and the values of them. Children's car seats should be replaced after being involved in a collision. Keep receipts for replacement car seats. If you had newer tires on the vehicle, provide documentation of the costs of the tires. If you just filled up the gas tank, provide the receipt for your gas purchase. Our firm offers free assistance with your property damage claim as part of our representation of you in your injury claim. We also offer free consultations if you have any questions.