Case Results: Client's Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissed

A client came to Gounaris Abboud for the second time recently. During his junior at the University of Dayton, this individual was arrested for intoxication and charged with an offense. At that time, he came to our firm, and was able to leave the court room with the case dismissed.

Not long ago, this same client called us once again. The individual was arrested when he was on his way home from a bar at about 2:00 a.m. The University student stopped to take a break from walking and was sitting on the ground when University police discovered him. Naturally, they were concerned about his state. He was sitting in a campus parking lot when discovered. The police called a medic to give him the medical attention that they thought that he needed.

Our client was given a medical evaluation, and then transported to a hospital for treatment because he had a dangerously high BAC. During this entire process, our client was allegedly hostile and belligerent. He berated responding officers, EMT's, and hospital staff. The client was held for observation overnight but was released the next day. He was charged with disorderly conduct because of his attitude during the entire process.

After calling Gounaris Abboud, this client had nothing to worry about. Our firm negotiated with the individual and the prosecution and was able to get all charges dropped. After two successful cases with this client, Gounaris Abboud are proud to report that the student graduated the University of Dayton with a clear criminal record despite the fact that he faced a number of alcohol-related charges while he was a student. If you have been charged with alcohol-related offenses then you also need to contact an attorney for more information. Hire a Dayton criminal defense lawyer today if you want assistance in your case!