Details Regarding DUI License Suspensions in Ohio

If you are arrested for drunk driving or refuse to perform a chemical test, your license may be suspended. The state of Ohio has a five day limit to fight against the suspension of your license. Requesting a hearing within those five days is imperative or you may lose your license for at least 90 days. You will need to request an administrative hearing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and team up with a skilled Dayton DUI lawyer from Gounaris Abboud, LPA. There are several types of license suspension and all result in different lengths of suspension, the three main ones include:

  • Administrative License Suspension
    • This is the suspension that can follow a refusal of a chemical test due to the implied consent law in Ohio.
    • This could also follow a chemical test result that shows Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over the legal limit
    • Could be from 90 days to five years depending on the case
  • Pre-Trial Judicial Suspension
  • Court can issue this type of license suspension for the duration of the case
  • This suspension follows an OVI or DUI conviction
  • Could be from six months to life depending on the case
  • Judicial Suspensions

License suspension can also result from not having proof of insurance and a few other lesser offenses related to DUI. In your BMV hearing, you may be able to challenge the evidence and avoid losing your driving privileges. Oftentimes, you can get limited driving privileges even if the suspension is not dropped. If your license is suspended, there are requirements that you must meet before your driving privileges can be reinstated. You will need to complete the suspension period, pay the reinstatement fee and show proof of insurance. For help through this process and fighting against your license suspension, contact a Dayton DUI attorney. Gounaris Abboud, LPA offers a free online case evaluation, so get started now!