DUI Reduced to Reckless Operation, Client Keeps Job

In some DUI cases, a conviction can mean job loss. For example, a client recently came to our firm after she was arrested for driving under the influence. She was pulled over at about 2:00 am one night when she was weaving along the center line near Indian Lake. When she was pulled over, the police discovered that she was weaving back and forth on the street because she was intoxicated. The woman was charged with a DUI and arrested.

This particular client is a children's services caseworker. Individuals who have a career in social work need to have a spotless criminal record in order to maintain their position. Being arrested and charged with a DUI put our client's career in jeopardy. If she had been proven guilty of her offense, she would have been fired and forced to go out searching for another occupation. She would have also lost her ability to work as a licensed social worker anywhere in the United States. This could have forced her to make major career changes or go back to school to get a degree in another field.

Thankfully, when this attorney came to Gounaris Abboud, LPA, we were able to advocate on her behalf and have the charge reduced to a reckless operation. This is a minor misdemeanor, and did not jeopardize her career. We were able to determine this sentence reduction through protracted negotiations, and our client was able to continue working in child services. If your career is in jeopardy because of a DUI arrest then you want a lawyer there to help you. Talk to an attorney at our firm today to get the representation you need to possible prove your innocence or see your sentence reduced.