Mass-Marketing Fraud Goes Worldwide

A recent FBI report outlines the increasing occurrence of mass-marketing fraud around the world in schemes that use mass-communications media to contact, solicit and obtain money or funds from victims. This fraud phenomenon is also known as "advance-fee fraud", "internet fraud" and "telemarketing fraud". The mass-marketing fraud crimes of today increasingly seek to target victims in numerous countries on different continents, making mass-marketing fraud a major concern for law enforcement around the world.

Mass-marketing fraud schemes use a variety of sources to operate and attempt to use all modes of communication to contact victims, including postal service, e-mail, internet sites, radio, television, telephone and even in person. These schemes are usually highly adaptive and utilize critical components such as identity theft and money laundering in many different ways. With modern technology uniting the world, mass-marketing fraud has become increasingly transnational, fluid and interconnected across thousands of miles and many different people groups. The government is still determining the best way to find and convict offenders, who are becoming tougher and tougher to identify.

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