DUI License Suspension in Dayton, OH

Automatic Suspension After Five Days

Have you or a loved one been arrested for drunk driving? One of the first things that will occur after an arrest is the automatic suspension of your driver's license. What makes this part of your case so urgent is the fact that if you only have five days to fight this suspension. If you do not, you could lose your driving privileges for a minimum of 90 days.

Within these first five days, you will have to schedule an administrative hearing with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Again, if you fail to do so within five days of your arrest, the license suspension will be automatic. In many cases, people are unaware of this fact or do not know the steps to take to meet with the BMV.

Ninety days is the minimum suspension for DUI and there are other circumstances which could increase this number. For example, if your charges included serious bodily injury to another or you had previous convictions on your record, the suspension could increase. Administrative hearings are not the same as the possible criminal trial that may follow, yet it is just as important to have a strong and experienced attorney on your side.

Representation at Your BMV Hearing

These hearings can be intimidating and frustrating if you are unsure of what is going on. Seek help from our firm's OVI/DUI lawyer in Dayton who is familiar with the proceedings in this type of case. With the skilled team at Gounaris Abboud, LPA on your side, you have a far better chance of fighting your suspension and getting your driver's license reinstated.

Our Dayton DUI Lawyer Can Fight for You

If you have found yourself in this situation, your first step should be to schedule a hearing with the BMV before you lose your driving privileges. Your second step should be to contact a legal professional who can defend, counsel, and support you at this hearing. You do not need to face this difficult situation alone. The attorneys at Gounaris Abboud, LPA represent clients in administrative hearings and have successfully retained driving privileges for clients by an aggressive presentation at the hearing.

Most people take for granted the ability to drive to work, school, run errands, and drop off their children at various functions. Once this right is threatened, it can be very apparent how much you depend upon your ability to drive legally. It can be crucial to have the right representation in an administrative hearing.

Get Started Today!

Keep in mind that the judge has probably carried out hundreds of hearings, and has likely heard a lot of individuals explain why they need their license. When you arrive with a Dayton OVI/DUI attorney, it shows that you are serious and professional. In addition, a strong case can be built for your driving rights. It is possible in some cases, to preserve your driving privileges, and the situation should be immediately evaluated to determine what can be done in your case. Speak with our firm today for help from a Dayton criminal lawyer who can aggressively defend your case.