Commercial Driver DUI/OVI Attorney in Dayton

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If you are a commercial driver and you have been charged with DUI, you will be facing exceptionally serious consequences, including difficulty earning a living. The legal limit on blood alcohol concentration for a commercial driver (0.04%) is far lower than for other drivers. Even if you aren't operating a commercial vehicle at the time of the police stop, you could still face a lengthy suspension of your commercial driver's license.

At Gounaris Abboud, LPA we know that DUI charges are exponentially more serious for commercial drivers. Not only is your livelihood on the line, but your reputation can be permanently damaged as well. Voted Top DUI Attorneys in the State of Ohio by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense, we have the experience that is necessary to create a powerful and effective DUI and OVI defense for commercial drivers in Dayton.

Aggressively Fighting to Protect Your Commercial License

Getting pulled over under suspicion of DUI as a commercial driver can be the beginning of a legal nightmare. The choices you make can hurt your case and you may not even know it. If convicted, you could lose your license for one year for a first offense or permanently for a second.

Additionally, the court may impose the following penalties for a first offense:

  • Three to six months in jail
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Community service
  • Mandatory alcohol abuse counseling

A DUI charge is a serious matter for a commercial driver, but there are defense options that could save you from the consequences. The first step is a full review of the situation and evidence, which our firm can help you with from the moment you call.

Combatting Your Charges Begins at Gounaris Abboud, LPA!

As you build a case with the assistance of our firm, we will have you provide us with all the details of the situation. You may have been illegally stopped, the BAC evidence cannot be trusted due to a failure to correctly administer the test, or there were other errors that could allow us to seek a dismissal of charges. The sooner you call, the more effectively we can prepare a strong defense on your behalf.

We are highly experienced in defending DUI and OVI charges, and we will know exactly what to do to help you. If charged with commercial DUI, contact our firm at once. Your future could depend upon it.